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Vision and ambition, Aliskerov M.S. A great entrepreneur who knows what he does

Murad Sidyarovich Aliskerov (born 1986) is a businessman, public figure and scientist, financier, expert in Islamic banking, philanthropist, winner of the North Caucasian independent national award “Person of the Year – 2018” in the nomination “Entrepreneur of the Year”, General Director of “Lyariba Finance”.


Murad Aliskerov was born on April 11, 1986 in Makhachkala, Republic of Dagestan. He received secondary education at school number 34. Makhachkala. During his studies, he decided to connect his life with the science of finance, for which he entered the Dagestan State University at the Faculty of Finance and Economics.

In 2008, he started his professional career as an employee of the Islamic Banking Development Sector at JSCB Express. At that time, Islamic banking had just begun its expansion into the markets of the Russian Federation with visits from investor groups from Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates.

Business activities

2009-2010 – Murad Aliskerov, head of the Mudarib office.

At the end of 2010, he was appointed deputy head of BDO Makhachkala.

In 2011, after an internship in Turkey, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates founded the financial company TNV LaRiba-Finance, of which he remains the head.

In addition to his main activity, he is the owner of the “BookLariba” bookstore chain, “ChitaEsh” Cafe, a series of online stores that sell his own line of clothing and shoes.

Social activities

Aliskerov Murad is the organizer and participant of numerous Halal Expo exhibitions.

He participates in numerous conferences, round tables, working groups of various ministries and departments related to the development of the Islamic financial sector in the Russian Federation.

2015 – one of the organizers of the Caspian Halal Expo exhibition in Makhachkala.

He is the head of the board of directors of the largest charitable foundation in the Caucasus “Insan”

scientific activities,

Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor, President of GEC DGI

He translated and published Sheikh Mufti Hamim Tusmani’s book “ISLAMIC FINANCE” into Russian.

He participated in the translation of rules for Islamic banking through deposit cards

He is the author and co-author of books:

Network marketing is a chronicle of sincere illusion

Creativity at your fingertips

character is not a phrase


Links for the publication (Scientific journal on the topic: Economics and Business, Law, Educational Sciences, Social and Economic Science No 1(11)•19 His work is used as a source for the article Vostochny Express Magazine Finance and Credit Magazine The scientific journal “University Bulletin” has been published since 1999. Journal Problems of Modern Economics

Performance in the program of an independent television channel v=PHLwHyj7f5c&feature=emb_title

Speech on Echo Moscow radio

Sberbank is already implementing the principles of Islamic banking That is, the person himself is at the forefront of this direction.

And a couple more links to the organization and participation in conferences: %B3%D1%80%D0%B0%D0%BC%D0%BC%D1%


Articles in publications included in the List of peer-reviewed scientific publications in which the main scientific results of dissertations for the degree of Candidate of Sciences should be published, for the degree of Doctor of Science 1. Aliskerov M.S. Diversification of forms of international cooperation among Arab Islamic banks in the issuance of sucuks // University Bulletin. 2018. No. 7. P. 123-128 (0,6 a.l.). 2. Aliskerov M.S. Islamic banking in Egypt at the current stage of development of the country’s financial system // Problems of the modern economy. 2017. No. 3(63). P. 243-247 (0.4 a.l.). 3. Aliskerov M.S. Features of the Islamic financial sector of Russia at the current stage and prospects for its growth // Economy and entrepreneurship. 2016. No. 11, h. 4. P. 690-693 (0.3 a.l.). 4. Isaeva P.G., Aliskerov M.S. Ranking of Islamic banking products and services by their relevance and efficiency for clients of commercial banks // Problems of the modern economy. 2016. No. 1(57). P. 224-228 (0.3 a.l., author’s share – 0.2 a.l.). 5. Isaeva P.G., Aliskerov M.S. Instructions for the creation and improvement of socio-economic mechanisms of Islamic banking and their implementation in various regions of the Russian Federation // Finance and Credit. 2012. No. 23(503). P. 42-48 (0.4 a.l., author’s share – 0.2 a.l.).

Other editions 6. Aliskerov M.S. Instructions for improving the activities of quasi-banking institutions in the Islamic world // Crimean Scientific Bulletin. 2018. No. 4 C. 7-12 (0.3 a.l.). 7. Aliskerov M.S. Alternative Islamic financial market: status, prospects, problems // Materials of the All-Russian scientific and practical conference “Development of the Islamic financial and economic system in modern conditions of the Russian Federation” / ed. B.H. Alieva; Dagestan State University (gor. Makhachkala, March 17, 2016). Makhachkala: Approval, 2016. P. 21-25 (0.1 a.l.). 8. Aliskerov M.S. On the regional experience in the development of Islamic financial instruments // Materials of the International Scientific and Practical Conference “Participation of the Religious Organizations of the Republic in the Development of the Dagestan Society. Islamic economy and finance as a tool to reduce socio-economic tensions and prevent youth involvement in terrorist activities” / Dagestan Humanitarian Institute (city. Makhachkala, October 24, 2015). Makhachkala: Editorial DGI, 2015. P. 35 (0,1 a.l.). 9. Aliskerov M.S., Isaeva P.G. Specific features of the Islamic economy // Materials of the I Russian Scientific and Practical Conference “Islamic Finance in Russian Realities” / ed. B.H. Alieva; Dagestan State University (gor. Makhachkala, April 29-30, 2013). Makhachkala: DSU Publishing House, 2013. P. 78-83 (0,2 a.l.). 10. Aliskerov M.S. Alternative Islamic financial market: status, prospects, problems // Materials of the international scientific and practical conference “Real problems of the development of the economy and information technologies of Russia in modern conditions” / ed. DM Kalantarova; Dagestan Humanitarian Institute (Cor. Makhachkala, November 19, 2014). Makhachkala: Editorial DGI, 2014. P. 34-41 (0,3 a.l.)

The article was published in Scopus, participating in a conference in Spain Aliskerov M.S. Текущее состояние и новые направления деят Here is the link economics/

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