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Jana Dužanec: Nails are a canvas for creativity and inspiration

Jana Dužanec is the founder and sole proprietor of JANA NAILS, a rapidly growing Croatian cosmetics brand. The brand’s products, known for their exceptional quality and design, have earned recognition among professionals. Jana Nails consistently provides a comfortable working environment for every nail artist passionate about their craft. Innovation, creativity, glamour, and guaranteed success are always prioritized.

Jana’s passion for drawing and nail art, once unheard of in the nail industry, set her apart from the crowd. Starting as a college hobby, it became her life’s work. As she honed her skills, Jana began offering training courses, turning her life into a journey involving brushes, nail paints, and continuous self and community development. Despite her considerable progress, she remains enthusiastic. Jana remarks, “If I can become a source of inspiration and motivation for at least one young person in the field of nail art, that would be my greatest achievement.”

After years of travel, work, and self-improvement, creating her own brand became a logical step. “It seems like overnight I became a sole proprietor, and everything fell into place. Thanks to the relentless pursuit of excellence, we now offer over 5,000 products”, says Jana. Each JN product adheres to global market standards, delivering luxury quality and unique design. The brand quickly expanded beyond Croatia, with Jana Nails products now available in over 25 countries.

The key to their success lies in their choice of people. Jana proudly states, “I’ve assembled a top-notch production team, from craftsmen to the graphics department. We’re delighted to see others recognize our commitment to quality and passion for our work.” Exclusivity in products and services is equally important. Jana asserts, “We strive to stand out and differentiate ourselves from other manicure brands,” a goal they undeniably achieve.

Under Jana’s professional leadership, the Jana Nails team consistently develops new products, which quickly gain international demand. Currently, their offerings include construction gels, permanent and gel polishes, metal and electronic accessories, cosmetic products, and unique Jana Nails gadgets. Positive reviews affirm that the team is moving in the right direction.

Looking to the future, Jana envisions the brand’s mission as steady growth and the attraction of new talents. Their next objective is to expand international influence and build a network of well-educated individuals who share the team’s passion and values. Jana states, “In the long term, we want to grow with our products, develop new formulas, and nurture the true JN artists within our new employees.”

Visit the brand’s social networks, try JN products and discover the world of true luxury nail art!


@janaduzanec @jananails_official @jananails_shop

   TIK-TOK: jananails_shop



   Email: [email protected]



Model: Jana Duzanec @Janaduzanec

Photo: Srećko Rundić

Make up: Karlo Rusan for Ruka Beauty

Hair: Ivona Palić for Salon Franić

Art direction & styling: Karlo Rusan

Outfit: Seka Aleksić, Second Skin 555

Powered by: Poliklinika Duduković & Kisić

PR: @Say__media

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