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Oxana Rumyantseva: A Fitness champion, Model, Coach, Mom, and What Not!

Having transformed lives of many women especially mothers, Oxana Rumyantseva has developed a special weight loss program.

We live in an ultra-fast paced life that we hardly have paid attention to our health and well-being. It is not easy to cope up with many different pressures and emerge victorious in the end. The mental well-being is one aspect that is swiftly gaining momentum among masses. But the physical well-being is something that many are aware about, yet majority of them ignore it to great extent affecting them in many ways. The lack of physical activity and sedentary lifestyle has taken a toll on their lives and exposed them to life-threating diseases. With the global pandemic affecting millions across the globe, it has become far more important for people to switch back their attention to the physical well-being and exercise daily to maintain good health. In the current golden era of social media and digital domains, many passionate fitness coaches and mentors have spread their magic helping people get back to their desired shapes. We came across one ace fitness guru, coach, model, and mom named Oxana Rumyantseva who has spiraled her way to the top in the fitness industry. 

Being a mother of 4 kids, the road to success for Oxana Rumyantseva was not a walk in the park. Being a single mom, Oxana raised her kids alone. She started her business when shewas absolutely destroyed after her divorce and looked uponfitness niche for motivation. She designed a unique and integrated weight loss program and is now the owner of With a single objective and vision to help women especially moms to get the body they want, Oxana has left no stone unturned in taking her passion to next level. Oxana created special weight loss program for loosing fat without all those sides effects like jittery and anxiety. It increases metabolism, energy, focus, reduce cravings naturally. Having helped and trained thousands of people attain their desired figures, Oxanaproves her prowess as an astute fitness professional and exudes great skills sets and expertise to deliver desired results for people.

Oxana feels that in spite of having kids, work, all theresponsibilities that women care on their hands, each woman can be stronger, healthier and fitter, and live better life. She opines that “I think every woman have hidden power which explodes in difficult situations.” In addition to successfully launching and working on the weight loss program, Oxana is also working on her application and special equipment for healthy and fitness life.

We are certain of the fact that Oxana will continue to transform people’s physical outlook and inspire many millions ahead as well. For more details, so follow her on Instagram

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