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The Summer I Turned Pretty Boss: [Spoiler] Why It Was Made Change in Sexual Fluidity from Books to TV Series

The character of Jeremiah Fisher (played by Gavin Casalegno), one of two brothers fighting for the affections of 16-year-old Isabel “Belly” Conklin, is one of the most significant modifications in The Summer I Turned Pretty’s shift from book to TV series (Lola Tung).
The Season I Became Pretty
Jeremiah is more sexually flexible than his book counterpart in the YA drama from Prime Video, which debuted with all seven episodes on Friday. He lists all the male and female members of the country club that he has kissed in Episode 2, and subsequently portrays himself as an equal opportunity flirt.

“I approached this adaption by imagining how I would deliver the tale in the year 2022. How would that appear? And how would it alter the situation? Jenny Han, the co-showrunner and author of the books, explains to TVLine. He’s always seemed like a character to me who is very at peace with himself, genuinely comfortable in his own skin, openminded, and open to exploration. I suppose if I were writing the book today, I may have made that decision. That is, in my opinion, more representative of today’s youth and how they perceive sexuality, which is seen as much more of a spectrum.

Han continues, “Jeremiah is still investigating his sexuality and isn’t ready to identify as bisexual since he’s only a high school student.” “I’d describe [him] as sexually fluid. He is a young man who is still finding out where he fits in all of that and hasn’t had a lot of love in his life. The adventure is still in its early stages, according to Han.

The fundamental love triangle between Belly, Jeremiah, and the other Fisher sibling, Conrad (Christopher Briney), from the novels, which is still “intact” in the show, according to Han, despite the fact that Jeremiah is sexually flexible in this adaptation of the narrative. She says, “I still feel like all the characters are the same.

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