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There’s nothing like an explosion of Blockchain news to leave you thinking

For those struggling to figure out what the heck cryptocurrency is, Linda Akkoyan, otherwise known as “Crypto Lia” explains in very simple terms.

Millennials are highly ambitious generation. They seek investments that yield high returns in shorter duration. While there are not many assets that generate high returns quickly, cryptocurrecy is an exception. Since its inception in 2009, cryptocurrency has grown in value and has managed to beat gold as the top asset class. Millennials should learn about the technology and industry before investing – says Crypto.Lia.

Linda Akkoyan believes this generation of youth is known to embrace all things digital. Even when it comes to investments, most of them prefer doing things online and over an app rather than filling up lengthy paperwork. Cryptocurrency emerged a decade ago as a digital currency. It means that cryptos can be purchased, sold, exchanged, or stored only digitally. It has now established as a new asset class in the world of investments.

One of the most popular is Bitcoin and Linda believes in it most. She clarifies one needs to own only a fraction and not full Bitcoin to get started. She has been in this game of crypto currencies since 2016 and has come long way to now educate new adapters. Crypto.Lia enjoys 34,000 followers on Instagram aspiring millennials to gather as much knowledge they can on Blockchain.

Crypto.Lia is Montreal Based Entrepreneur and cryptocurrency expert. She is delighted to announce new adpaters, as well as anyone desiring to enter cryptocurrencies and NFT markets can follow her on her instagram handle @crypto.lia.

Linda’s short explainer videos gives ins and outs of the web 3.0 ecosystem turning to be game changers in investment market.

Step by step guide to NFT marketplace By @Crypto.lia

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