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Lately global superstar and Afro beats King Davido is now seen to be highly fashionable with a series of appearances from Forbes feature, the MTV Video Awards VMAS and the Jimmy Fallon late-night show not to mention others. Out of curiosity Forbes did some digging and uncovered the fashion brand behind the singer Davido’s most unique looks, especially the Forbes feature and VMA.

Last year the Afro beat King Davido featured in Forbes wearing a rare sack linen jacket and a renaissance baroque floral damask pants of rare find. For us at Forbes, it was an unconventional look that sparked curiosity as to such unique styling most especially the fabric choice. The trails led us to the stylist then to the brand and its creative director.

Forbes uncovered the prolific hand behind the fashion look which happens to be coutured by international fashion designer Prince Iheanyi Njemanze, Founder and Creative Director of the fashion house Nazarene Amictus. To Forbes’s shocking surprise, the designer is of royal descent in the Eastern part of Nigeria. When asked about the brand and his take on the Davido’s choice and style of fashion going by the superstar’s recent appearances, he had one thing to say “Davido is fashion-informed. He knows exactly what defines him and that which defines him and differentiates him from the rest”. Those are the factors we consider as a brand; definition and differentiation when putting together looks that we consider and recognize today as fashion. The uniqueness of our work is our strength. I believe that’s what the artist likes most about our fashion direction.

Prince Iheanyi further explained that creating looks for Davido is inspiring. You have to come up with something simple but yet astonishing. He is a simple individual with an abstract mind. Above all, it is a good feeling. Another great fit by the superstar was the VMAS. Forbes praised the look and wasn’t surprised to learn it was coutured by Nazarene Amictus.

Intrigued by the designs and fashion choices, especially in a world consumed by trends and styles, where fashion often speaks louder than words, Nazarene Amictus emerges as a unique brand rooted in faith and gratitude. Nazarene Amictus, a brand inspired by biblical texts and centered around clothing from Ancient Rome seeks to redefine fashion as a form of honor and reverence to Jesus Christ the son of God often referred to in the title as the Nazarene.

The visionary behind Nazarene Amictus Prince Iheanyi Njemanze sees fashion as a covering of the flesh, a concept to be approached with majesty and humility. For this designer, the essence of true style lies in the confidence found in Christ, the feeling that comes with putting on his unique clothings which is biblically synonymous in significance with the concept of the Armor of God (Ephesians 6:11-18). This philosophy is the heartbeat of Nazarene Amictus, where creativity is a gift from God, and the designer is but a vessel guided by divine inspiration.

In this faith-driven journey, the brand elevates the word of God through every stitch and fabric choice. The creator acknowledges being led by a divine force believing that the brand’s success is determined through faith rather than algorithms. The inspiration for the designs is communicated through light – a symbol of intuition, purity and spiritual awareness that more or else serves as a compass, guiding the designer’s eyes, heart, and mind to understand what is next in the creative process. Each piece created becomes an act of praise and exaltation, a unique form of thanksgiving. 

The designer reflects on personal experiences and the overall perception of people when it comes to belief and lifestyles. The designer further acknowledges the difficulty in grasping the choices of others without true knowledge of their sense of fashion and style. But through the lens of faith, the balance between characterization and practicality is by far the secret to such fashion concerns.

The fact is Nazarene Amictus was established as a thanksgiving – a response to the unconditional love and mercy of God experienced in the darkest moments. The brand serves as a give-back, a representation of the Armor of God in its fashion sense. Drawing inspiration from ancient scriptural texts, specifically Matthew 2:23 and Jeremiah 18-1:4. Nazarene Amictus is not just about fashion but a profound expression of a soul walking hand-in-hand with the Creator.

The journey of Nazarene Amictus is not just a personal one but a communal experience. The brand recognizes the importance of growth and as Nazarene Amictus continues to evolve, the story unfolds with the promise of more beautiful crafts yet to come.

Photography credit: Abdul-Gafar Mudathir @Ghaffie_

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