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The Inspiring Story of Lorrie Ann Limjoco and How She Rose To The Top

Lorrie Ann Limjoco was born and raised in an impoverished small town in the Philippines. Now, she’s a successful entrepreneur on the rise that wants nothing more than to leave a great legacy for her 6 year-old daughter Venice.

When Lorrie was only 11 years old, her father passed away and left her and her family absolutely destroyed. Her mother was a full-time house wife and her two younger brothers, aged 9 and 7, were too young to be able to bring any sort of income, so it was up to Lorrie to find her strength and provide for her family.While Corrie she persevered and did anything she could to take care of her mother and two younger brothers, she was still worried about their financial status and how they would ever be able to afford essentials, such as food, clothing and even their education.

Even through her own grief and pain, she made sure her family was tended to and provided with everything they could possibly need. She was a child too, yet she still took up the responsibility of being the breadwinner in the family. While Lorrie’s childhood wasn’t what she had hoped, these experiences were what taught her to be independent and that if she wants something, she has to make it happen for herself because no one else can guarantee you your happiness. Her strong mindset and discipline are what pushed her to work tirelessly until she had the life she deserved.

Through grit and determination, Lorrie was not only able to make it out of the Philippines but also pursue her passion of working as an independent entrepreneur, allowing her to follow her dreams of traveling. Now 30 years old, she is currently working with Maximus Global Innovation (MGI), an international distribution company with two locations, one based in Bremerton, Washington and another in the City of Olongapo, Philippines. MGI boasts a range of innovative and all-natural products consisting of black garlic extract, coffee and essential oils.

When she first discovered MGI, Lorrie was informed of the benefits of black garlic and decided to introduce it to her husband to help with his cholesterol and hypertension. Once she saw the impressive results in both her and her husband’s health, Lorrie became very interested in MGI and committed herself to climbing up the ranks. After sharing her experience with others, she had approximately 20 distributors under her name within only a few months. Lorrie is proud to have a team of distributors spread across Hawaii, Texas, and even in her home state.

“I think it’s important to work for a business that you fully believe in. Work doesn’t feel like work to me because I believe in everything MGI offers and the amazing health benefits that come with our products. Being passionate about what I do is enough to make me feel fulfilled in life,” Lorrie says.

Being able to work from home has presented Lorrie with opportunities she could have only dreamed of such as being able to spend more time with her loving husband and being very present in her daughter’s life; something that she deems is one of her biggest priorities. Even while working from home, Lorrie earns a great amount of commissions and is earning an income that allows her to support both her current family and her family back in the Philippines.

“You do not need some kind of degree, certificate, or validation to pursue your passion. All you need is the right motivation, and for me, it is my beautiful daughter. She’s my pride and joy, everything I do is for her to have the life I never had, the life that 11 year-old me prayed for every night. More importantly, I never want her to feel the way I did as a child, I want her to feel loved, cared for, and protected,” says Lorrie.

Lorrie’s journey from start to finish serves as an inspiration to those around the world who may feel trapped in their grief. Even though her childhood left her with scars, she prevailed and fought for what she knew she wanted. Now with MGI, she’s making strides as a top-performing entrepreneur and is making her way up the top as we speak. Not only has Lorrie succeeded tremendously in her career, but she has also outdone herself in being an incredible mother and sharing her strength with anyone who needs it.

For more information on Lorrie Limjoco’s journey with Maximus Global Innovation visit: Instagram | Facebook | MGI Website

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