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Suzy Sogyan Makes Business Personal Again, Utilizing Instagram and Her Knack for Connecting with People

Andy Sogoyan is the founder of IceLink, but when his daughter, Suzy Sogoyan, took it over, the company was transformed. Suzy created a brand for the company and made business more personal. Now, she has a huge following on Instagram and continues to grow the company through her authentic leadership skills.

Suzy Sogoyan, business owner, runs IceLink which is a jewelry company. She provides an exquisite line of jewelry: dainty gold bands studded with diamonds amidst unique designs and big and beautiful pieces with bold gemstones. Their watches speak volumes. One is a sleek black with six identical faces on it and another is lightly colored with a white dial and rose gold gears behind it. Other watches have faces with world maps set in the background. The jewelry is popular and has even caught the attention of celebrities.

People love this jewelry because it is so unique. It’s beautiful and expressive. Many pieces have an Armenian flair to them, but what’s truly different about IceLink is the way Suzy Sogoyan runs her business. “Success is good and consistent branding. A brand book is KEY.” Suzy said. Suzy dedicates time to defining beliefs and values and identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the business. She has created a brand story, set a tone, and designed a (company) look. In rebranding, Suzy has helped develop connections among her customers and the greater community.

Suzy Sogoyan loves people. She witnessed her dad’s entrepreneurial spirit growing up and saw his, and his customer’s, enthusiasm when he created a piece. She wanted to spark that same joy and connection. Her Instagram following says it all.  She’s transparent both professionally and personally on Instagram which attracts hundreds of people. Instagram is a way for Suzy to connect with many people daily. Many of them are women who are now part of what she calls “the Suzy squad”. It’s a community of women who are “young, fabulous, and chic–these are hard-working ladies who know their self-worth…always striving to become better versions of themselves.” Suzy said.

Suzy is a great model–not just for the Suzy squad or her Instagram followers, but for all business people. She takes the time needed to implement practices that sustain businesses. IceLink’s brand speaks to her business acumen. The company donates to charities; they keep communication open with their customers. These practices speak to the kind of leader Suzy Sogoyan is. The company will continue to be run family-style by the father-daughter duo. Together, they are creating bonds between their jewelry and their customers that will last.

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