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Simona Stefanakova Garcia: The Multifaceted Creative Behind Simona’s Library

Simona Stefanakova Garcia, an accomplished author, illustrator, book editor, and video editor, has been captivating young minds and empowering families worldwide through her creative works.

Simona’s Library, her brand, encompasses a collection of children’s books, bilingual stories, coloring pages, and notebooks designed to inspire and educate children entertainingly. With over 60 published books, numerous notable career highlights, and a robust online presence, Simona is making a significant impact on children’s literature and the creative industry.

Reaching Children Worldwide:

Simona’s passion for reaching children globally led her to self-publish her books on Amazon in multiple languages. Her client base spans continents, with many orders coming from North America and Europe, as well as South America, Australia, and Asia. Simona’s commitment to providing diverse and engaging content for children is evident in her bilingual stories and extensive range of notebooks, catering to different interests and age groups.

Notable Career Highlights

Simona’s creative talents and dedication have earned her recognition and awards. She was honored as the “Mother of the Week” by Co dokaze mama (What Mom Can Do), a Slovak community of entrepreneurial mothers. Simona’s work was also featured in an interview by Action Women, Slovakia’s first online magazine for businesswomen, highlighting her success in expanding her book sales on platforms like Amazon and Walmart. These achievements demonstrate Simona’s ability to overcome challenges and make a mark in the industry.

Challenges Faced and Overcoming Them

Simona encountered various challenges throughout her career, including generating ideas for her books, translating poems into different languages while maintaining their rhyme and appeal, and finding affordable and skilled illustrators. Determined to overcome these obstacles, Simona took long walks and sought inspiration from her surroundings and her son. She also utilized her artistic abilities and learned design and illustration software to illustrate her books. Additionally, she acquired the skills of video editing and marketing to promote her works effectively, incorporating video content into her marketing strategy.

Collaborations and Expertise

Simona’s creative expertise extends beyond her own projects. She has collaborated with other authors and companies, providing editing and video-editing services. Her collaboration with author Laura Brennan Ballet on “The Science of Empowerment” is a testament to Simona’s meticulous attention to detail and dedication to helping authors achieve their vision. Furthermore, her work with Sharon McDonald, an expert on doTERRA Essential Oils, showcases her versatility and ability to create compelling marketing videos.

Wisdom and Aspirations

Simona’s journey offers valuable wisdom and lessons for others. She emphasizes the importance of putting oneself out there, learning new skills, and surrounding oneself with individuals with different strengths. Simona encourages self-sufficiency while acknowledging the value of seeking help when needed. Her dreams and aspirations include seeing her books on bookshelves in libraries, stores, and schools worldwide, fostering a love for reading, expanding children’s vocabulary, and teaching them good moral values.

Building an Engaged Community

Simona actively engages with her audience through her YouTube channel, “Simona’s Library.” By sharing videos of her new books, language courses, lullabies, and arts and crafts activities with her family and filming Dublin buskers, she creates a space where families can come together to enjoy entertaining and educational content. Simona’s dedication to her community is reflected in her desire to grow her subscriber base and establish credibility on various social media platforms.


Simona Stefanakova Garcia, the driving force behind Simona’s Library, is a talented and multifaceted creative whose books and videos have enriched the lives of children and families worldwide. Through her captivating stories, innovative illustrations, and engaging videos, Simona continues to inspire young minds and foster a love for reading, learning, and creativity. With her aspirations to expand her reach, establish her brand in physical stores and schools, and continue making a positive impact on children’s lives, Simona’s Library is set to soar to new heights in the coming years.

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