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Sanaz Bahrami, Champion Of Melts Infusions, Has Taken Self-Care To Supple Measures

Leading by example is no small task, especially when thousands of people are carefully watching. It takes a special kind of tenacity and self-awareness to propel your personal journey into the public eye, offering a glimpse into what’s possible when you simply listen to your body. Sanaz Bahrami, founder and leading lady of Melts Infusions, a wellness movement, made the decision to share her own discoveries with the world when launching a holistic health brand to combat anxiety, depression, and other forms of mental health, positioning herself as a living example of hard work and persistent passion for her craft. It’s easy to slip into routine and ignore what our bodies truly need, trading quality and care for convenience. Lucky for us, Bahrami has solidified her own solutions that tackle familiar struggles with effortless self-care, so we can spend more time serving our best selves and less time sweating the small stuff.

Launched in 2021, Melts Infusions is a small but mighty iteration of modern self-care that utilizes adaptogenic and nootropic herbal blends to nurture our mind, body, and spirit through age-old strategies. Bahrami earned her master’s in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Ottawa, and after witnessing classmates abusing the effects of prescription drugs like Adderall to achieve a mangled perception of alertness and stimulation, Bahrami concluded that change was necessary to the ways we approach health and well-being. She knew there was more to be discovered and more to teach those who struggled with similar hurdles like her own. Having battled ADHD and depression for years, Bahrami sought real solutions to her mental health that supported an honest way of life. 

The early seedlings of Melts Infusions sprouted in Bahrami’s own kitchen, where she experimented with different herbs and formulas that had been employed for centuries overseas. In 2019, Bahrami produced a proprietary brew of medicinal plants and roots like ashwagandha, lavender, nettle, and motherwort, to name a few. This became known as “peace tea”, and would pave the way for the release of her signature oils and blends that make up Melts Infusions today. Bahrami studied and consulted with trusted friends on her discoveries and took to her social media platforms to educate and enlighten other curious minds, notably on TikTok. Her first video was shared in December of 2020 and set the pace for her routinely warm and inviting presence online. Today, Bahrami’s TikTok account enjoys over 7 million video views per month, fueled by a loyal following of 260K and climbing. The brand’s backup account also hits the mark with 62K followers, most of whom follow Bahrami over on Instagram as well. The secret to Bahrami’s steady growth, both independently and with Melts Infusions, is her sincerity in opening up for honest discussions. It is part of Bahrami’s mission to correct the narratives surrounding mental health and promote a breezy, open space for support and education, taking her own journey and placing it as a case study for others to learn from. Bahrami is based in Vancouver, but her energy permeates international flare and a zest for community engagement. It’s easy to tell that Bahrami’s compassion for her craft is matched by her followers, who are just searching for a friend or a mentor to listen and learn from.

Melts Infusions exudes an equally effortless energy that makes self-care accessible and clear to consume. With just two signature oils and a sea moss capsule in rotation, Melts Infusions reminds us that health and wellness don’t have to be such large undertakings or complicated maneuvers. Part of the charm in using Melts Infusions is the simplicity involved, and the adaptability of the product line. One of the blends, named “Uplift”, is composed of herbal essentials like holy basil, motherwort, and lemon balm, built to stimulate and support brain activity and clear memory fog. The sister blend, “Unwind”, taps into our nervous system with sedative herbs like lavender, skullcap, and chamomile for post-workout recovery and an easy solution to a long day at work. Both oils can be taken orally beneath the tongue or whisked into your favorite smoothie, and while it sounds simple enough, these powerful adaptogens and nootropic herbs are working wonders for our body and mind in the places we so often overlook. 

Driven by a contagious spirit for self-made success, Bahrami is quickly becoming a force within wellness circuits for her transparent approach to mental health and self-care, delivering substantial advice and tutelage to her followers online and in her immediate communities. The sleek and sexy allure of Melts Infusions has caught the attention of pro-ball stars like Ryan Smith of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, along with global personalities like Kiyomi Leslie from “Love And Hip-Hop Atlanta”. And while these names are certainly something to consider when measuring the success of Melts Infusions, the telling evidence of Bahrami’s growth is made clear by her strong relationships online and with her wellness communities, where she offers a breath of fresh air in the form of helpful consultation and big-sister reality checks when you need it most. Bahrami is that best friend you call when you need someone to tell you like it is, and remind you to slow down and give time to yourself once in a while. 

Presently, Bahrami is working to secure the company’s first FDA-approved manufacturing facility in New Jersey, as well as share insightful content on her social channels to combat everyday hurdles. Starting your day with Bahrami is akin to a plushy morning by the beach, throwing your windows open and feeling the breeze. A similar sensation is felt with a drop or two of her signature oils, which, quite literally, melt into your morning routine. Real self-care starts with your first choice of the day, and oftentime that is achieved simply by listening to what your body needs. Bahrami has turned herself into a champion of holistic wellness and a prophet for balance, and if you haven’t been paying attention, just take a swirl of the Uplift and you’ll be just fine.

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