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Meet Jinagna Shah, A Jewelry Artist, Historian, Appraisal & Gemologist


Meet Jinagna Shah, A Jewelry Artist, Historian, Appraisal & Gemologist.

Who does not like jewelry that is crafted with detail and elegance that leaves spectators fascinated? Jinagna Shah, the founder of Jina’s Jewels, is a renowned Gemologist, jewelry designer, and jewelry historian who adds a touch of history to every piece she designs. She is a designer.  Jina also holds the credentials to a Fine Jewelry. Also, the Historian pieces from the Brands like Cartier, VC&A,  Harry Winston, etc.

She studied at the Indian Diamond Institute – Surat and then grabbed the opportunity to work at Tanishq, Ahmedabad, as an Assistant regional head. Working here gave her a superior learning experience and exposure as well. She has also worked with Forever precious diamond & Jewellery Ltd – Ahmedabad. This is where she was groomed as a designer, creating concepts and evaluating the purity of gold.

Jina is a Graduate Gemologist who graduated from Gemological Institute of America, New York, a graduate in pearls and accredited jewelry professional.

Jina worked as a Process Manager at White Pine Trading Ltd – New York, USA. After that, she completed her graduation in history from Christie’s school of Education – London. Here, she studied the history of jewelry designing from 1800 to – Present day.

After which, she became a senior specialist in fashion, jewelry, and watches at The Real Real.  There she worked on rare gems and Watches like Rolex, Piguet, etc. She valued jewelry for the Designers like John Arthur, Rene Lalique, Louis Cartier, etc. She holds many tags in her profession. She is also pursuing FGA from the London School of Gemology.  She has a Diploma in Jewelry Education Training System – Canada. 

Have deep experience in Designing, Sourcing, Purchasing, Production,  Gemology, and Appraising.  Nineteen years of Experience with so much versatility is rare.


Jina is an Award winner for her exclusive and rare designs. 

2020 –  A’Design Award & Competition – Milan,  Italy –   For Love for Nature’s Collection

2018 – Dulhan Expo –  Bride’s Favourite Designer’s Award. 

2017 – Gemology Identification Award –  Garnet & Spinel Category.

2014 – Winner for maximum auction closure bids – Rough Diamond – Africa 

2010 – Brand Manager – Business Development Award to launch 30 stores in a year

Have worked in a Beneficiary program for Namibia. 

She tries to educate consumers, Business Associates, and anyone who likes to know about gemstones, Pearls & Diamonds through her blogs.

Blogger – Birthstones, Healing Properties, Styling, Maintenance, Quick Purchasing tips – Gemstones, Diamonds & Pearl.

She has exclusivity in designing the Bridal Trousseau for Jewelry.


Jinagna Shah was born in the year 1983 in a state that is rich in culture and heritage, Gujarat, India.  As a young girl, Jina was unaware of her Passion for jewelry designing until she designed her own Wedding  jewelry.

After her wedding, she moved to Surat, the Diamond city of India.  There she pursued her passion for gemology and completed her Gemology from IDI. She educated herself about Diamond assortment, grading, checking, evaluating, pricing, and gaining relevant experience in jewelry technical designing. 

Education And Experience

To gain practical experience, Jina worked with the two most renowned Brands of India – Tanishq & Suraj Diamonds as a Designer and Brand Manager. This is where Jina made full use of the opportunity to know more about the intricacies of the jewelry industry.

Jina moved to New York, the USA, in 2012.  She decided to join GIA and successfully achieved her dream of owning an array of graduations in diplomas that include Graduate in Gemmology   Diploma,  Pearl graduate Diploma,  Jewellery  Designing Diploma, and Accredited Jewellery Professional Diploma. 

She even has a Jewellery Education & Trading services Diploma from Canada, and she is also a successful Jewelry Appraiser. Jina worked with the two most well-known companies in New York as Diamond Processor & Colorsotne Expert. 

She even worked as a Senior Gemologist and Jewellery senior Specialist. Jina also achieved more diplomas in the Trade like jewelry Historian with Christie’s School of Education and learned about 1300 – Modern Jewellery Designing History.

Business Venture

Jina Started her venture as a Jewellery designer and Manufacturer with quite a lot of Practical & Industrial knowledge and Experience.  When she began working, she had a handful of clients, but her talent and passion for the business helped her build her network across the globe. Jina excels in Enamel Techniques.   Her pieces have a great touch of Renaissance techniques & Art Nouveau style of jewelry.

Jina began establishing her global network through social media. She passed on her valuable information to her audiences through informational blogs about Gemstones, their healing properties, Resources, and how to style them in jewelry. Her blogs have also been published in Hindustan Times, Midday, and Femina. 

E-Commerce Venture

Jina designs one-of-a-kind pieces that recreate history. All her products have been featured on her E-Commerce platform website. These pieces are also limited in quantity. Once we make 5-7 pieces of each, we discontinue the design to retain the uniqueness.


She is based in Ontario, Canada. Has her Boutique fully functional and Operated in Ontario, Canada. She has offices in New Jersey, USA & also in Ahmedabad, India.  


  • An active member of the Canadian Jewelry Association
  • Participated in the  AGTA Spectrum Club
  • Women’s Jewelry Association
  • Alumni member at Gemological Institute of America
  • Stylist Consultant  for a couple of renowned brands and  accessory designers
  • Won  1st Runner up for A ‘Designers Award – Love for Nature’s Collection 
  •  Miss Newyork has walked twice for  Jina’s  Jewels   at Bridal Expo in 2017 & 2018.

Belle Epoque Period Or Edwardian Era

Having completed her studies in History of Jewelry from Christie’s Education, London, all the jewelry she designs has a history attached to it from the 18th century to 2016. This famous jewelry designer in Canada sells jewelry based on the Belle Epoque Period, also known as the Edwardian era, known for the white jewels of diamond and platinum. Jina is so inspired by the techniques, popularity, and richness followed during the Edwardian period that she looks forward to carrying the unmatchable beauty of this era to the future of jewelry designing. Almost all of Jina’s Bridal Jewelry is based on the Edwardian era.

Art Novus Era

Jina draws her inspiration from the Art Novus Era while crafting her intellectually designed light & colorful danglers, Cuffs, Chokers & Belt Buckle accessories. These products have impressions of Artistic paintings, nature, figures, and a few of them are scandalous. Jina knows no limits and barricades when it comes to designing delicate accessories. Jina uses Yellow gold with Colorstones & Enamel to carefully add detail and design these products.  Her Artistics pieces have been exhibited many times in Jewelry Art Shows in  Las Vegas,  Toronto, New York & Soon to be presented in Milan, Italy. Those are Exclusive Theme Jewelry collections that are usually picked up by Auction houses.

Art Deco Era

Exquisite products like Sautoir with Pendants, Bandeau Tiara, Multiple Bracelets, Chandeliers, Multi-Purpose Brooch that suits well on hats and dresses are all designed using Abstract design techniques. Color stones, Old European cut & Rose-cut Diamond use with Black onyx are all inspirations of this era. Bracelets that are galvanized by the Art Deco Era most often appear to be thin but are worn as multi bracelets.

Retro Style

The evergreen Retro style inspires Jina to design Cocktail Rings, Ear Clips, Pearl Short Necklaces & Brooches, modern styled earrings which reach the shoulders and big collar necklaces. Snake Chains & Bracelets give a really heavy look but are comparatively light in weight.  For such charismatic designs, she uses Amethyst, Topaz, Aquamarine, Citrine and Pastel Colors. 

During the 60s, bright and opaque stones like Malachites and Rhodochrosite were a common sight. The use of Organic stones like Coral, Pearls and Shells were also familiar during this phase. In artistic sculptures, designs like animal motifs like Panthers, Cats, Frogs & Dragons were sighted.

Jina is an epitome of inspiration for most women. Throughout all the years of her jewelry journey she has proved that self motivation, the desire to learn and the constant effort to meet and exceed customer satisfaction has set her apart from most other jewelers.

With a salient desire to win over every customer’s heart, she leaves no stone unturned. She is one of the top jewelry designers in  (area). Jina is known to create individualistic jewelry that will make you stand out the next time you go for a party.

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