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Martin Sanjines: Impact in music production and advertising through international portals.

A native of Toronto, Ontario to be more precise, Martin has 28 years old, where he has been working in international music production since he was 16 years old, looking for a place in the industry.

Collaborating with renowned artists such as Swaelee, Lil Baby or 42 Dugg, he has imposed himself at the top of HipHop music production in Canada and the United States.

Sanjines moved into an apartment at the age of 19, developing his skills as a producer/engineer in Los Angeles, having attended The Los Angeles Recording School and Full Sail University before embarking on his career. 

During his time in Los Angeles, he worked at studios such as Record Plant, Larabee and Paramount, producing and engineering artists such as Lupe Fiasco, Lil Dicky, Dej Loaf, and his longtime collaborator with who he shares years of friendship, the rapper Tee Grizzley.

Adding years to his current appearance, the Canadian producer bets on himself to make his work count, practicing between 7 to 9 hours a day with the goal of increasing his collaborations with artists and increasing his prestige as a producer.

In addition to working as a music producer, in his spare time Martin also excels in networking connections he has, especially in promotions and engagement giveaways on Instagram, with the goal of being able to move traffic in large amounts of organic audiences through other accounts with his artists and influencers, content creators and above all the absolute prestige with the instagram profile @worldstar that carries a community of over 34 million followers with a quantity that exceeds 96,000 posts in margin of content and promotional activity.

Martin tells that he also works with international press, where through a direct contact of Forbes, Billboard and among other pages of primary and secondary international sites, they make press in the form of biography, work of the person or just the commentary of a relevant content that they want to develop.

The producer mentions that: “We should all have international press that is validating our identity, it is a great branch of opportunities that arise after being on sites or portals with much value and prestige”.

On his Instagram account, Martin has a profile with thousands of followers and seeks to expand it.

His studio, located in Toronto, represents a new approach to inspiring creativity for today’s recording artists. Functioning as a small studio with a variety of amenities and private courtyards for adaptive recycling. Built from the remains of a former manufacturing warehouse, this incredible studio is intended to help reclaim the status of Toronto’s legendary past in the music industry, causing Martin to position it at the top of Canada and international levels.

Among the questions and answers that the interviewee has given us, Martin highlights that: “Every person with a laptop can become a producer overnight”, “I wanted to get away from the ordinary and really recreate a working studio for my artists to feel comfortable”, “People usually come from the south, they come from the west, even from New York to record, today they are looking for a quality and safe space to work, I want to give a future to the production spaces in Toronto”

Martin in his beginnings as a producer, only 17 years old, was already leaving aside his main activities such as school, he kept a rhythm of energy about the jump he wanted to make in the long term as a person to improve and become what he wanted to be today, stating that “I do not want my colleagues to have an excellent potential and not get the necessary tools to exploit it, in my studio, people who come can’t say: “They did not have this” or “They did not have that”, affirms Martin.

About his workspace, he assures: “I relied on the development of my studio as a lethal weapon to reach success, it was a costly investment but it was worth it”.

Continuing the story, he comments that people who enter his studio are impressed by the equipment he has, his setup, arrangements.

“I implement everything, from guitar amps, external equipment, SSL consoles and the way the whole network is configured”.

Thanks to his excellent strategies as a producer, he has managed to put hundreds of artists at the top of the industry, as well as with his international presses, where he makes every person, brand or company a great recognition in public relations portals.

Ending the story with the interviewee, he invites everyone to follow his Instagram account @martinsanjinesoficial, where they can establish a contact about any kind of work relationships or questions.

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