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Manish Singh as the Leading Coach of Digital Entrepreneurship, helps turn individuals into entrepreneurs.

Manish Singh Entrepreneur

Even as the leading entrepreneur and music marketer, his excellence has kept him in the news for all the right reasons. ManishCEO is bright name in digital entrepreneurship who introduced many new marketing techniques which generating huge revenue for his clients.

Not all know the secrets to getting ahead of others or creating their own unique niche in all that they choose to do in their careers and endeavours in life. Some resort to books and guides, and some take inspiration from the already successful names in their chosen industries. Manish Singh very proudly becomes a part of this list as the one whose journey and choices have been followed by other aspiring talents in the world of entrepreneurship. This has become possible because of his incessant consistency in efforts and his never-give-up attitude, which has helped him not just expand businesses being the CEO of ZZED Group Of Companies but also transform the lives of people for the better.

Manish Singh is today the leading coach of digital entrepreneurship, and why we say that, you ask? Well, because Manish Singh has effortlessly proved his brilliance in doing business and building new brands and businesses, and his effort to storm the digital space with his knowledge and expertise has made him a leading and respected name in the industry. His digital university is all about turning students into skilled individuals and helping them hone their skills and talents to lead them to the top of the entrepreneurial space. This is what allowed students to make millions of revenue in India.

Under ZZED Group of Companies, he has earned more than 6000 clients all over the world. There is a reason why Manish Singh is today also well-known as the best music marketer in the world, offering the best music marketing services and viral music secrets. He is the one who has helped generate more than 500 million traffic and streams for musicians. He has a leading company in artist management and music marketing and a leading media agency with 100+ News portals and PR Network.

Get Foreign Clients is also his brainchild, a program for skilling individuals and helping them generate revenue by improving their mindsets for, making them modern-day entrepreneurs of the world.

You Can Follow him on Instagram : Manishceo

Enroll For Get Foreign Clients : Get Foreign Clients

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