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Las Vegas locals have a new sensational Instagram page “Las Vegas Scoop!” the platform of wild entertainment.

Las Vegas Scoop! has gained profound recognization among locals with no time.

Isn’t it amazed to know some people are born to rule the world? The creator of “Las Vegas Scoop!” popular influencer and social media guru, “Steve Capo Newland” has proved that your creativity could bring revolutionary to the world. 

With the hope of entertaining people with wild conversations, bringing locals of Las Vegas together the page was created in the month of March 2021. It is a platform where wild and entertaining content captured on camera by Las Vegas locals and tourists alike can react on the platform. 

After the creation of the page, it has been gradually increased and has become the most loving part of entertainment for several Las Vegas locals. It has increased to 60,000 local followers which led the page to invent its nickname called “TMZ Of Vegas”. 

The page is followed by many local celebrities such as Resident Headliner “Dj Buza”, Recording artist “Lil Jon” UFC President “Dana White”, Rapper “MadeinTyo” & several Las Vegas Raiders players. Where people come together to share their ideas and views in a hilarious way.

Recently, the new 60 second series “Strip Talk”, produced by: Capo & Victor Mejia has gained the immense attention of the locals, the hilarious interviews became viral and have made the series a hit with Vegas locals.

The prime hosts of the page French, Yo Karma, Tonic Marie, & Capo, stalk strip tourists, they entertain the followers by asking personal and revealing questions about sex, drugs, social issues, and put their own funny twist to the interactions. 

The astounding page is creating miracles in the world of Instagram.

Check out @Lasvegasscoop and find out what it’s like to walk the streets of Las Vegas Blvd. 

IG: @lasvegasscoop

Twitter: @Lasvegasscoop1


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