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Kiswah Fashion Shows: a unique show of modest fashion took place in Almaty.

On June 17, 2023, A gala of fashion shows took part in Almaty, On June 17, 2023,  which will mark the start of a new word in the local fashion industry. Kiswah Fashion Shows will show the beauty and grace of modest clothing for women, and this shows will be a big step towards telling stories about honor and beauty.

The main organizers of the unique show and ideological inspirers are the founder of the Kisva Community training center and the Kisva Muslim attire brand, Gainiken Bukenova, and the founder of the international fashion weeks in Kazakhstan, Janelle Bertayeva made an invaluable contribution to the development of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Kiswah Fashion Shows will be held at a quiet and remote location from the hustle and bustle of the city — Swissotel Wellness Resort Alatau, Almaty.

The show will be attended by several talented designers not only from Kazakhstan, but also from other countries of the world. In their work, they pay special attention to modest fashion, reflecting elegance and diligence, and also create unique 

combinations of modern trends and regard for traditional values.


Inclover brand 

Inclover brand was originated in Kazakhstan by Gaziza Shabdarbayeva. The history of INCLOVER began in 2008 — with custom tailoring. This year the brand presenting new collection – Modest.

Gone are the days when a woman was solely defined by her roles as a daughter, sister, wife, or a mother. Today, she is a force to be reckoned with in the realms of work, education, business, charity, politics, and beyond. With exceptional expectations for herself and her surroundings, she sets the bar high in every aspect of her life.

Unsurprisingly, the wardrobe choices of such woman reflect her remarkable standards.

The modern woman seeks style, comfort, and impeccable craftsmanship in the clothes she selects. Every outfit must meet these mandatory requirements.

In line with this ethos, @inclover.brand’s Modest collection not only caters to the fashion needs of such woman but also captures her character, spiritual values, and beliefs. Each carefully curated ensemble tells a story, allowing her to express herself confidently and uniquely.



JINHEE LEE: Fashion Designer and Art Director

“For me, clothes are not just adornments. They are spaces upon which an individual’s world is built.”

The foundation of Lee’s fashion career lies in her work for theater stages. Over the past 20 years, she has presented experimental and sensual costumes for a wide range of theaters, dance performances, movies, and dramas, expanding the spectrum of fashion design. Driven by her passion for modernizing tradition, Lee has expanded her activities into the academic realm. She currently serves as a professor at Korea National University of Art, where she imparts her knowledge and expertise in costume design for performing arts.

With this belief in fashion, she launched her own brand “Hamu” in 2018. Hamu (하무, 河舞) signifies the “dance of water,” encapsulating the unique characteristics of her clothing. The exquisite lines of her designs materialize the free and untamed energy of life, akin to the flow of water. Her dress were spotted in several movies such as “Great Bottle” 2018 and more others

The focal point of Hamu’s 2023 collection lies in the collision between two seemingly conflicting concepts: tradition and modernity, past and future. The spirit of Hamu emerges from this explosive energy. However, these clashes are eventually transformed into integration within her works.

Lee’s latest designs concentrate on the aesthetics of the Hanbok’s lines. She endeavors to fuse traditional elements and bold patterns, seeking to achieve provocative novelty. Rejecting decorative exaggeration, she presents comfortable and elegant genderless designs, aspiring for the freedom and expansion of bodies.

The choice of materials reflects Lee’s deep interest in Korean textile traditions. The silk used in this collection is exclusively woven in collaboration with a historic silk mill operating in the “Jinju” region. For a century, this mill has produced highly refined fabrics, showcasing the mastery of its artisans. By employing historical patterns and textures, she simultaneously narrates national history and captures the energy of modern times.



ARAPKHANOVI is a women’s clothing brand founded by sisters Khadija and Luiza Arapkhanovi in 2013.

Every year ARAPKHANOVI presents several limited collections of pret-a-porter. These are clothes, accessories and shoes for modern girls who actively follow fashion trends and are in search of feminine and noble outfits.

In addition to the main pret-a-porter line, the brand is also actively developing the sport, home and denim divisions.

Collection “Petals of the Soul”

Over the past year, the brand’s audience has greatly expanded and many girls of different nationalities and religions have appeared among regular customers. They speak different languages, spend their leisure time differently and сhoose their looks based on their own vision and traditions.

And if we continue the analogy of the brand with the fact that every girl is as beautiful as the most beautiful flower in the world, then sooner or later you come to the conclusion that their beauty always comes from within. And as a flower opens its petals, so their soul blossoms in the versatility of female strength, kindness and tenderness.

It was these quivering associations that inspired the designers to create a new collection “Petals of the Soul”. Since the collection is aimed at the spring-summer season, the team used fabrics with glossy textures – they will gracefully shimmer in the summer rays. The main color of the collection, orange at the intersection with peach, also refers to the opening buds under the scorching sun.

“Petals of the Soul” are silhouette dresses, suits and scarves made of light fabrics that fly in the wind. Of course, among the outfits there are blotches of the author’s print with a blue cinquefoil and orange buds – a landmark for ARAPKHANOVI

“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.“

French painter and artist Henri Matisse


Saadi & Suzani

One more collaboration between Diora Usmanova and Madina Kasimbayeva is an eloquent reflection of an author’s reading of the couture of Uzbekistan.

While viewing the collection we can notice an interpretation of the national motifs and fashion tendencies. Each piece is sawn in by hand by the usage of traditional Uzbeki sawing techniques.

About Designers:

Diora Usmanova is a designer, a founder of brands such as Saadi, Bibiona Couture, DU’A, a beauty salon Be Beauty and a chain of luxury restaurants. She is also a mother to four kids, a businesswoman and takes care of charity by helping a Bright Future foundation.

Madina Kasimbaeva is a founder of the brand Suzani by Kasimbaeva, an embroiderer-artist, an author of unique sawing patterns Suzane, which is not only a re-birth of national Uzbeki sawings but also a popularisation and globalisation of Uzbeki culture around the globe. Madina is a frequent contestant in international fashion shows, as well as her work is presented in many European and American museums .

The main idea behind this collection is to preserve and revive the cultural traditions and skills of Uzbekistan in the modern world. As we all know, fashion and culture are both cyclical phenomena. With this collection, we aim to contribute to the development and popularization of Uzbek folk crafts, reviving the interest in this centuries-old craft, not only among our compatriots but also all over the world.

The presented collection features an interpretation of national motifs and fashion trends. Each piece is handcrafted using various techniques of Uzbek traditional embroidery.

@saadiatelier @suzani_kasimbaeva


The brand was founded by Gainiken Bukenova in 2012, and was rebranded to Kisva, in 2020. The name of the brand means a silk veil garment that covers sacred KAABA. “Kisva” brand conveys the value of the Muslim woman’s covered attire.

Modesty, luxury and nobility are the hallmark of the brand concept.

The central idea of the collection “The Thread of Time is Evolution” that we are preparing for “KISWAH Fashion Shows” is the study and visualization of the evolution of culture through fashion. The collection is a journey through time, which puts the past, present and future of the people of Kazakhstan into one thread.

The collection “The thread of Time, is Evolution” uses a wide range of traditional and modern fabrics, embroidery and detail.

The collection also reflects the influence of modern trends and innovations, allowing Kazakh culture to merge with global trends. Modern silhouettes, technological details and fabrics are combined with traditional elements, creating a unique style that reflects the living and evolving culture of Kazakhstan.

“The thread of time” is a symbol of the connection of generations, the preservation and transmission of heritage and the acceptance of changes. The collection invokes on Kazakhstanis and the rest of the world to experience this evolution of culture, to search for the truth and gain a deep understanding of the heritage of their people and admire its wealth and beauty.


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