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Kim Kardashian Qualifies the Bar Test—And Bends a Look, Of Course.

Key points: 

  • Kim Kardashian is practically prepared to assume control over the court. 
  • Today, the truth star-turned-business visionary became one bit nearer to adding one more title to her program—attorney—later she reported she’s authoritatively passed one of her two final law tests. 

“Examining the mirror, I am truly pleased with the lady thinking back today in the reflection,” Kardashian composed on Instagram. “For any individual who doesn’t have the foggiest idea about my graduate school venture, realize this was difficult or given to me. I bombed this test multiple times in 2 years, yet I got back up each time and considered harder and attempted again until I did it!!! (I had COVID on the third attempt [with] a 104 fever, however, I’m not rationalizing.)”

Kardashian reported in 2019 that she was seeking a way to turn into an attorney. She adds that she actually has one more final law test to pass, so she’s not an attorney yet, but rather her first test has the lower pass rate—which means the most troublesome obstacle has been crossed. “It feels so great to be here and en route to accomplishing my objectives,” she composed. In her post, she likewise gestured to her late dad, Robert Kardashian, who was additionally broadly a lawyer. “I realize my father would be so glad and he would be so stunned to realize that this is my way now, yet he would have been my best review accomplice,” she says. “I’m told he was infamous for ridiculing individuals who didn’t pass on their first endeavour as he did, however, he would have been my greatest team promoter!”

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