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Judge To Get Cardi B’s Pharmaceutical Reports In “Highly Offensive” STD Slander Prosecution.

Key points: 

  • The rapper’s claim charges that blogger Latasha Kebe spread “bogus” reports about Cardi having herpes and HPV.

An adjudicator is set to get admittance to Cardi B’s clinical records as the rapper sues a YouTube blogger for purportedly spreading “abominable” bits of hearsay with regards to her conveying STDs. 

The rapper’s claim charges that blogger Latasha Kebe spread “bogus” reports about Cardi having herpes and HPV in 2018 and mid-2019. 

Cardi claims that Kebe ran a “vindictive mission” to spoil her standing, settling on what Cardi decisions “exceptionally hostile” guarantees that the rapper betrayed spouse Offset, had herpes and HPV, functioned as a whore and utilized cocaine. 

On Monday (November 22), U.S. Area Judge William Ray decided that the Center for Women’s Pelvic Health in Los Angeles were to send him “all clinical records” for Cardi B, “related exclusively to [her] testing for herpes and HPV” (using Rolling Stone). 

“My customer doesn’t have HPV and herpes,” Cardi’s legal counsellor told Rolling Stone, adding: “Two of the disparaging assertions at issue are the terrible, bogus, and profoundly hostile proclamations by the litigant that my customer has herpes and HPV, and we gave these [STD testing] records 14 months prior on the side of my customer’s cases.” 

Cardi’s claim, which is set to go to preliminary on January 5, added: “None of the previously mentioned explanations about the offended party is valid. The offended party was never a whore or a client of cocaine. The offended party has never, and doesn’t presently, have herpes, nor has she had herpes flare-ups on her mouth.” 

Kebe’s legal counsellor Sadeer Sabbak reacted in an assertion to Rolling Stone, saying: “We have no remark about the request for offended party’s clinical records, explicitly. We are proceeding to plan for jury preliminary. Ms Kebe is anticipating at long last having this matter settled.” 



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