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Jordana Paiva is scaling new heights in the world of real estate

Presently placed as the real estate sales manager in Impar Group, she is showcasing the most premium real estate projects around Madrid and Ibiza.

The real estate market has picked up pace again after the global pandemic, and the high level of transactions taking place globally are showing a positive sign. With the inflation rates rising constantly, real estate is considered to be one of the most preferred crisis proof investment that ensures price stability, and places like Madrid and Ibiza are buzzing with real estate deals taking place at a fast rate. “The residential property market in Madrid is at present experiencing a positive graph, and is expected to move upwards in coming months,” says Jordana Paiva who is working as the real estate sales manager in Impar Group which is located in Calle Serrano in Madrid.

Jordana has adequate knowledge about real estate in Spain as she has been working with the real estate development company which has done some spectacular work by changing the face of the city, especially Calle Juan Bravo, with the promotion of Nuñez de Balboa 86, where they have maintained the façade and built new construction giving an impressively elegant style to the Barrio de Salamanca. Jordana says that Madrid has a lot of potential which needs to be tapped, and that has been done rightly by the real estate group she’s a part of. She focuses mainly on apartments in Madrid as well as on the beautiful island of Ibiza.

Jordana was a journalist for seven years before she jumped careers and stepped into the real estate industry. Having been in Madrid for over two decades, she has equipped herself with adequate knowledge about the city and its real estate scenario. She says that she is happy to be a part of a real estate entity which has rehabilitated many places and transformed them into breathtaking beauties. According to Jordana, real estate is the best place to be in, and she’s extremely happy to have chosen this as her career. She says that she is living the best phase of her life working, spending time with her son, and enjoying her profession which gives her the most exhilarating experience one can ever imagine of.

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