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Interview with Louisville, Kentucky rapper Rob run Corleone who has the streets in a frenzy with 100,000 views of his new song ‘Trap’

What is your artist name and where are you from? 

My artist name is Rob run Corleone. Real name Robert Deshawn Boyd or Shawn Boyd. I’m from Louisville Kentucky. West end Vermont street. I also lived in bowling green, Kentucky for a while and cave city. I’m well known for being one of the biggest drug dealers in side county history.

Q.Why do you love music?

I love the way music makes me feel. My mom was a big Whitney Houston fan and my dad liked 2pac. Music inspires and for a long time I lived the music. Now that I’m older I conceive it better and listen to it. thinking back, 2pac had us on a suicide mission with his war stories lol. He was just thinking real deep and had us ready to never back down even when outnumbered. I remember when I got into brawls with my opps. Being outnumbered and coming out on top. Long live and rest in peace Rickey Shirley, Kelton Stockton, Nicole Paul, Rod Reed, Lamont Crenshaw, and Shawn Murfield. Friends of mine that never backed down. Then you know. Scarface had us putting in work, Too short had us pimping and then Master P came through and taught us to get money at all means.

Q.What makes you different as an artist?

I am a real street dude, dope boy. Really sold kilos, really sold pounds of loud. Going to Texas and Mexico and getting on. Owned foreign, had overseas scam connects, got into fist fights with bloods, crips, and G.D.s. Did time with Taybay the original Traveling vice lord, Young Buck from Gunit, Twisted Black from tvt records, El Chapo third in command Javier Torress.Terrorist John Walker Lind, Heavyweight boxer Reggie Groce who fought Mike Tyson;. helped BMF member and Fed magazine alumni, Sherman Kemp who is now an author, Get five years off his sentence. And I did time with Larry Hoover codefendant D.D. What I bring is experience. I through a show from federal prison with Freeway rick ross and recorded a song in the feds with Lil Flip. I did this street stuff man. It was my life. That’s what I bring. Real-life street stuff. As a jailhouse lawyer, I overturned 400 sentences and got 300 of them reduced. I bring the real.

Q.Where do you see yourself in five years?

I see myself in a true executive role like Yo Gotti. CMG is like the new no limit. They got hitters over there. Just like QC. I want to hit the ground hard like P did when he almost gave up. But starting a new label. I got something big going on with former Defjam artist Bone the mack. Just gotta get some affairs in order before we run up 100 mil.

Q.What do you want to accomplish in life?

Not only being rich in wealth. But being known as a person that someone can lean on. I want to help people reach their goals. I want to have some apps that can be downloaded in the playlist store. To take my trucking company national. And t get this money on a billion dollar level. With real Estate or creating the next wave. I’ve got some major ideas. This music game is not easy. You cant make the people like you. I don’t care what label you sign with.
Q; What do you bring to the music world?
I bring the real. I robbed drug dealers and kingpins. Been shot and shot dudes. I also bring guidance.I just basically talk the real and I’m a Lil flamboyant. What I don’t like is that Kentucky radio stations don’t support us like how Memphis, Cali, New York, Miami, and Atlanta do. There are no labels here. So if you get hot nobody finds you like CMG does or like Qc does. Kentucky we have to work twice as hard for our moment. Est.Gee, Nappy Roots, Jack Harlow,Marzz, and 2kbaby. Made it out but nobody started a label and signed people outside of who they know. I’ve tried. I’ve taken artists to Mr. Serv on from no limit, Bone the mack, Lil flip, But they didn’t want to sign any of them. We have the Dj Envy Kentucky versus the world mixtape that is at 10,000 downloads with no promotion. If I can do that for artists. Why can’t some of these major artists do that for the city on a major scale? If I was on like I wanted. I’d sign a lot of artists from here. Shouts out to Naughty by nature, Yo Gotti, Irv Gott, and any other label heads that came down here and signed someone, We support QC that label, Dr. Dre. Snoop Dogg, Puff Daddy. So why haven’t they come down here and signed no rappers? That’s what I’m not feeling.

Q.What do you want to be remembered by?
I want to be remembered as a stand-up honest hustler. Who pit people on. Lost if all and fought back for what he came for. I have a new song called Woof that’s going to be timeless and a song called Help. Look for artist Vega, Gb two Good, Nae the baker, Disdale Shawty, Troy Money,
Bana Bandz, New Money, and a lot more. You will see more out of me on wikid films and say cheese soon. Im really feeling that Finesse 2 tymes and that Kodak Black and French Montana. And I wish they would stop heating on Big Glo Glorilla, She is sexy and cute and she did her thing. I don’t know why people hate other people. I think she is my cousin too both of our last names are Boyd lol. I wanna say R.I.P. to all people that lost their lives due to gun violence. And free James Balla Duke Franklin, Russell Sublett, Twisted Black, Ant, Jb, Ralo,B.G. Gunna and Young Thug.
Yall send your people some commissary cause like Pimp C says its so necessary in prison. And I’m calling on Young Jeezy, Gucci Mane, Russell Simmons, Rick Ross, Ted Lucas, and Birdman to come down here and sign artists. And I also encourage labels to come down here and give out some label deals. These days though ith the internet an artist can really get off the ground independently and that’s great for money-making opportunities and for the hip-hop culture.

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