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Inside the Mindset of Millennial Realtor Tyler Hogan

Tyler Hogan used to work for a tech company selling computer software to real estate agents that couldn’t even log into their own Facebook page. Deciding it was time to make changes in his life, he quit his job and moved back in with his parents. Typical millennial, right? Not exactly. Hogan breaks the status quo behind lazy millennials and proves that anyone can achieve financial freedom with the right mindset. 

After Tyler quit his comfortable job in sales, it was time to start working even harder to achieve his plan of action: running his own real estate business. Hogan started a lawn mowing business, and would spend his free time outside of cutting grass inside a Starbucks building his real estate company. During this time he discovered the challenges that come with becoming a business owner, “The biggest obstacle I have overcome was transitioning from an employee to an employer” Hogan said. Despite the little capital Tyler started with his desire for financial freedom kept him going.

Today, Tyler is overlooking Downtown Dallas in a highrise apartment. In just a quick eighteen  months of being in business, he has achieved over ten million in sales. As fearful as it may be to step outside your comfort zone, Hogan shows you can’t succeed if you’re afraid to take risks. Tyler believes that, “We build fear because we are scared of these imaginary outcomes we created in our heads. Danger is real but fear is not real.” Tyler built his success by not letting the hate and doubts of potential failure interfere with his positive energy.

With a major focus on customer service experience, Hogan understands what it takes to stand out. Making himself completely available at all times, Tyler doesn’t have traditional business hours. By building relationships with his clients and using his tech skills to his advantage, Tyler makes sure every customer experience is memorable. His driving force in real estate is being able to give families the possibility of the “American Dream” by owning a home. 

Tyler Hogan is making over six figures through his real estate business he started at his local coffee shop. On track to doubling his number, Tyler is climbing the real estate ladder fast, leaving his competition behind. Hogan continues to add to his real estate investment portfolio and is currently working on building his own brokerage with a real estate team. Keep up with Tyler and follow his Instagram @t_hogan01.

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