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Empowering Narratives: Robin Lane’s Journey Celebrating Badass Women 50+

Discover the empowering world of Badass Women 50+ through the lens of 90 year old Robin Lane, a seasoned storyteller dedicated to accurately representing and celebrating the achievements of women over 50. In this article, we delve into Robin’s approach to storytelling, memorable moments from the show (Badass Women 50+), her passion for showcasing talented women, and the disciplined, multi-talented spirit that defines her work.

How do you ensure that the stories of the women featured in Badass Women 50+ are accurately represented and celebrated on the show?

Robin: The women who appear on Badass Women 50+ are women of accomplishments such as published authors and Women with viable film credits. Because I’m as old as I am, my network is vast and I reach out to women whose work or lifestyle I am conversant with. To ensure open communication, I collaborate closely with the individual, and prioritize authentic storytelling to accurately represent and celebrate their unique experiences.

Can you share an example of a particularly memorable moment or episode from the show that resonated with viewers?

Robin: Some of the most popular of the interviews share the theme of regeneration. Stories of women past 55 who successfully reinvent their life path. There’s Linda Langton who moved from Australia to NY and became a sought after writers agent having never worked in that position before. Or artist Valerie Lynn who finds the love of her life due to an email she sends to a friend who is in Paris with her recently widowed brother. Sue McIntyre after having spent her adult life as an NGO in 3rd world countries helping save lives then gave it up and became a successful painter.

What do you enjoy most about the work that you do?

Robin: What I like most about the work that I do is the showcasing of talented women that I know the public will appreciate.

As a multi-talented individual, how do you approach managing multiple projects simultaneously?

Robin: I have always been a multitasker so switching roles comes naturally. I can put together a video and an hour later see a psychotherapy patient. I am a graduate of the High School of Performing Arts so from a very young age I learned to act and direct and produce. Most actors are multitaskers.

Sometimes I’d be in a play in the afternoon and a different one at night. It’s great training.

What else would you like our readers to know about you at this time?

Robin: What I’d love for your readers to know about me is that I’ve never been a great talent but I’ve always been highly disciplined and that has kept me in good stead throughout my life. I exercise vigorously even at 90 and I’m careful about eating right. I read various newspapers and scripts religiously. I don’t let grass grow under my feet. I’ve never waited for a job or a lover to find me. I’ve always made it a priority to create and to be socially engaged, to make things happen! I have had great success in relationships which of all endeavors is where true happiness lies.

What do you want your legacy to look like?

Robin: I guess I’d like my legacy to be built on having made meaningful contributions to others and the world, on having left a positive impact that outlasts personal achievements. I’d like it to reflect that I have lived with purpose, integrity, and a commitment to making a difference in the lives of those touched by my influence.

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