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Corina Curatola is in the Business of Mentoring, and She Hopes it Will Make the World a Little Better

Corina Curatola is a self-made woman, who’s created her wealth and career path; she’s become the role model she set out to be for her daughter and continues to inspire her community to do the same. Curatola hopes to make the world a little better for her daughter. She’s doing it through mentorship – and she’s already had an impact on people in the thousands.

Corina Curatola is partnered with IM Mastery Academy where they teach people about financial literacy. “We teach people how they can get involved in forex, cryptocurrency, e-commerce, as well as metaverse, staking, yield farming, NFTs, ALT coins, and DEFI.” Curatola says. They do this so their clients can incur the money they need for their life ventures.

“We are the world’s largest online academy that has streamlined a platform into 4 easy steps where someone can come in and become self-sufficient in whichever field they decide to focus on.” Curatola says. Investment will allow entrepreneurs to get the money they need, and if they don’t have money to start investing, IM Mastery Academy can help with that, too. They offer multilevel network marketing opportunities:

“[Clients can] build a source of residual income through the unique marketing strategy within the platform. Utilizing an unmatched compensation plan, they can make an income to then invest in the markets and build a diversified trading portfolio risk-free. Essentially, giving average individuals who do not have the disposable income to invest in the markets a way to build their wealth and take part in the financial revolution.” Curatola says.

Having money to invest in a new business is only one piece of the puzzle. The other is having the right mindset. That’s why at IM Mastery Academy, Curatola mentors entrepreneurs where students will “accelerate [their] growth and achieve excellence,” as stated on their website. “There is no success without the ability to see it first in your mind.” Curatola says. It’s about believing in yourself and changing your thoughts and actions:

“Our life is just a collection of our decisions that over time formulate our habits which then create our life. To change the reality we’re currently living, we need to be able to go back to the drawing board, question everything we have been taught [so] far, and figure out what has truly made an impact on successful people so we can begin to emulate their habits.” Curatola says.

Corina Curatola teaches the strategies one needs to excel in life. Mentorship impacts family life, relationships, communication, personal decisions, and so much more. When someone is successful in their life, their business benefits too. Personal development and success in business go hand-in-hand. Curatola understands this on a personal level, as she has had to do the very work she teaches.

Corina Curatola grew up in a poor family with immigrant parents. She learned very early that she had to work hard to get anything in life, so she did. She was the first in her family to learn English fluently and she even graduated from high school early. Although she struggled with finding a stable career, she finally did when she started doing the personal work on herself that she now teaches others to do.

Now, all she cares about is helping others. She wants her clients to become the very best version of themselves. As she looks to the future for other business opportunities, she keeps her number one goal in mind: “Success means IMPACT. ‘People over profits’ is what I live by.” Curatola says. That’s why for her next business venture, which will be in fashion, she will donate the proceeds to nonprofits.

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