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Caruso Steve, aka Lallemand06, carves his own path to success as a self-driven and determined professional

He has seen it all, but at every step of the way, he made the most of the opportunities to get nearer success and become his best version.

So surreal it is to know about people who never give up in life, come what may. These individuals are brilliant examples of professionals who, through the many bold choices they make and the unconventional paths they tread on, go ahead in instilling more hope, motivation, and inspiration in others with all the experiences and expertise they gain in their respective journeys. It is also essential to put more light on the successes and the progress they make for the world to realize how situations, times, and circumstances may not be in the control of anyone, but individuals can still choose to get the best out of them to become their best versions, just like Caruso Steve, aka Lallemand06 did in his life and career.

Caruso Steve, also known as Lallemand06, was born on August 2, 1986, in Cannes, to Italian and Tunisian immigrant parents and grew up in the city of Cagnes-sur-Mer. After turning 15, he wished for more in life and hence took inspiration from people around him to start his career and work his way to the top to attain an excellent lifestyle for himself. At 15, he began a pre-apprenticeship in automobile mechanics, and by 16, he was out there working with his father in the audio-visual field until he turned 20 years.

From the age of 18, however, Caruso Steve had also started doing several odd jobs to make more money. Things changed for him in 2008; when surrounded by a few bad influences but the desire to help the homeless, with generosity at his core, he decided to make false papers in order to obtain credits for buying vehicles, apartments, furniture, etc. This helped several homeless people get back on their feet and live a good lifestyle. But in 2009, the same deed led him to imprisonment. Coming out of the same, he was left with not even a Euro in his pocket.

Caruso Steve had to kick start his journey again, doing odd jobs and starting a car sales company, thanks to his friends. However, this business experience turned sour for him as he was left with a debt of 35,000 Euros, which proved to be his second failure. During this tough phase, he met Thierry, with whom he started the import of wines from South Africa. After a year, he also found a job in an electricity company thanks to an acquaintance. Here, he gradually rose to the top, becoming the team leader in 3 months then manager in 6. Today, he is far from the world of debts and bad influences and is slowly resuming his charitable activities and has turned into a business owner with his own electricity company and a connection company.

From being a young lad with only odd jobs at hand today, Caruso Steve is the head of several companies worldwide and a President of his association, helping and supporting people in need.

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