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An entrepreneur should meet a need in society: Raúl Rodríguez

Business demography points out that entrepreneurs born, die and survive. According to the numbers provided by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography of Mexico (INEGI), 52 out of 100 businesses close before their second year of operations. Meanwhile, the 65% die before their fifth year. Against the background, entrepreneur and Ocean Medic CEO Raúl Rodríguez López whose company is active in the importation and trading of medical equipment for imaging and radiology, explains which are the main obstacles that younger generations must face when starting a business as well as the challenges that come up to remain active on the market.

In areas that demand more expertise like healthcare sector, several remarkable efforts have been done in order to strengthen this sector by providing with modern medical devices that are essential for prevention, diagnostics and treatment of many medical conditions and illnesses in a safe and effective way.

This young entrepreneur outlines that when a new project starts, the first thing that should be done is getting information about the product or service that was chosen to find out if there is a need or gap in the market or society that has not been met yet.

¨I consider myself an entrepreneurship promoter. However, I don´t really like this dreamy propaganda that has lately been given which is about encouraging people to start a business just because this is the only way to make it true and otherwise you would be ruined. Entrepreneurship must be done only if there’s passion on it, in a responsible way, and having all the possible information and knowledge about the market. ¨

For over 10 years in the market, Ocean Medic, founded in Puebla, has succeeded in getting a rapid expansion and permanence. Nowadays, there are many branches in Puebla, Mexico City, Guadalajara and it is part of the main medical congresses in the country.

¨We are always trying to keep strong as a company when it comes to adaptability to the context, new technological trends, media and the environment needs. I think this has been the key that has allowed us to overcome barriers, expand to other parts of the country, look for other markets, and strengthen our relationship with the brands that we represent. ¨

Raúl Rodríguez, graduated in Business Administration from the Universidad Iberoamericana of Puebla and specialized in Senior Management, remarks that there is a strong demand of equipment for radiology and ultrasound scan since there is, at least, one clinic or hospital in every city or municipality in Mexico that requires this sort of products to treat their population. Talking about the ultrasound scan, year by year there are more specialist medical staff that are using this tool for diagnostics. 

¨We first found a need, a disease in the medical sector which was at first the lack of technology and its difficulty to get it due to the costs. We focused on the mission of finding products with the best value for money and by doing this you get a greater margin of doctors and patients with access to this state-of-the-art technology with a worldwide standard quality. ¨

Another recommendation that Raúl Rodríguez suggests is that companies should encourage the professionalization and personnel training as well as the support services to clients. ¨It is important to listen to the needs that the clients (doctors and specialists) have. Unlike many other companies which only focused on promoting the technical matter and product engineering, we ask them about the needs that worry them. We listen to them, and we understand them too. That’s why we develop valuable content for them, such as: webinars with international specialist, articles and specialized publications and an e-learning platform that will be available soon.

The data provided by the INEGI shows that the 76% of the companies won’t get to the 10 years of operations. These numbers show a systemic problem that should be solved in order to achieve success when starting a business in our country since this entrepreneurship generates the 72% of employment in Mexico and the 25% of the gross domestic product.

Raúl Rodríguez argues that Mexico has a lot of opportunities for young people who are looking forward to starting a business: ¨The statistics don’t always project a reality, we should lose the fear of failure. Ocean Medic decided to get in a very complex sector in terms of technical issues, for instance: the medical equipment sales. However, we found a need, the need of giving an accurate medical diagnostic to the people. ¨

Referring to the objectives expected for Ocean Medic, Rodríguez points out that their goal is to achieve more presence in the country by obtaining more partners and business allies who will join in 2023, as well as to consolidate a distribution network that covers all regions of the country.

¨To be an entrepreneur means to have the ability of overcoming the adversities. We should have the skills to confront them, be courageous, and to keep in mind that sometimes we learn more from mistake. ¨ He concludes.

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