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Alex Cherney: The Serial Creator Shaping the Future of Indie Filmmaking and Music

An Unconventional Journey to Stardom

Alex Cherney is not just an ordinary filmmaker. Based in New York, his innovative style of storytelling merges comedy, reality, and a multitude of genres, yielding a distinctive cinematic approach that captivates his audience. Drawing inspiration from esteemed directors such as Sean Baker, Paul Thomas Anderson, and Wes Anderson, Cherney crafts captivating films that break boundaries.

His journey in the world of entertainment began in childhood when he made home videos using a Mini DV camera, often casting his grandpa in horror/comedy films. In 2013, during a college summer break, he dived into indie filmmaking, producing his first feature, ‘The Grecophile’. From that moment, Cherney committed himself to honing his skills, producing six low-budget indie features across various genres.

A Multi-Talented Artiste: Straddling the World of Film and Music

In addition to filmmaking, Cherney is also a passionate musician, releasing music under his name. He started playing the guitar and saxophone at a young age and was the frontman for several bands throughout middle school and college. His study of music at McGill University in Montreal refined his musical understanding and honed his composing skills. Recently, Cherney has focused on in-studio-only projects, collaborating with other artists to explore new genres.

One might wonder how he juggles his passions for both film and music. Cherney explains that his love for both mediums makes it impossible to choose one over the other. Rather than putting pressure on himself to excel in music, he enjoys exploring different genres and creating music that resonates with others.

Current and Upcoming Projects

In terms of film, Cherney’s upcoming slice-of-life drama ‘The Have Not’ is set to release on Amazon Prime Video on August 21st. The film, three years in the making, features inspiring performances and blurs the line between reality and fiction by incorporating real people and situations.

Cherney’s comedic mystery feature ‘Dog Fugitive’ is another project on the horizon. The film stars Cherney’s mini goldendoodle, Beauxette, and is about to embark on its festival circuit journey.

On the music front, Cherney has a retro soul album titled ‘First, Last and Always’ due for release on July 28th. This project marks a milestone for Cherney as it’s his first time singing entirely in falsetto.

The Importance of Supporting Indie Filmmakers

In an industry dominated by giant studios, Cherney emphasizes the importance of supporting indie filmmakers. He believes that indie films can tell unfiltered and honest stories, which often resonate more with audiences than ‘marketable’ stories molded by extensive feedback chains. Cherney aspires to continue telling honest stories in innovative ways, pushing the boundaries of traditional filmmaking.

Future of Independent Filmmaking and Cherney’s Vision

Cherney envisions a future where AI could assist indie filmmakers, potentially enabling them to incorporate high-cost production elements into their projects. However, he believes that while AI could facilitate the creative process, the human element is indispensable for art to feel flawed and truly human.

More Than Just an Artiste

Outside the entertainment world, Cherney is also a builder. He resides in a self-designed & built tiny house in upstate New York. This minimalist lifestyle helps him to maintain mental clarity, ensuring that he can continue to thrive in his creative endeavors. His passion for taking on large-scale projects doesn’t stop at films and music; it extends to building houses and more. As Cherney continues to innovate in both the film and music industries, his influence in shaping the future of independent creativity is undeniable.

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