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VIVE™: Empowering Lives Through Vision and Energy

How Personal Struggle Inspired a Movement for Mental Health and Entrepreneurial Success

In the heart of every challenge lies the seed of an extraordinary vision. This is the essence of VIVE™, a pioneering initiative that emerged from a deeply personal journey of struggle, understanding, and ultimately, empowerment. Founded by Nastasya Rose, VIVE™ stands as a testament to the transformative power of empathy, vision, and unwavering determination.

Nastasya’s early life was marked by a series of traumatic experiences that seemed inexplicable until a crucial revelation came to light. The diagnosis of her mother’s bipolar disorder illuminated the family’s struggles, linking their turbulent experiences to the complex dynamics of mental health. This moment of clarity sparked a profound realization in Nastasya: the potential for a service that enables individuals to thrive despite their circumstances.

Driven by this vision, Nastasya embarked on years of diligent research. Her goal was clear: to create a platform that supports creators, entrepreneurs, and celebrities in achieving their dreams while prioritizing their mental and emotional well-being. Thus, in 2010, VIVE™ was born, encapsulating the ambition to Inspire the best Version of Energy in everyone it touches.

Founder: Nastasya Rose
Creative Director: Amauris Hernandez
Stylist: Jennifer Capella

VIVE™ distinguishes itself through its unique blend of business coaching and clinical therapeutics. This innovative approach ensures that clients not only succeed in their professional endeavors but also maintain a healthy balance in their personal lives. Among the array of services offered, the VIVE™ Lounge Exclusive Community and the Rock the Breakthrough™ Mentorship program stand out. These one-year experiences are designed to facilitate $100k launches and achieve consistent monthly earnings exceeding $10k, all while keeping energy and mental health at the forefront.

Moreover, VIVE™ offers a personalized mentorship experience, allowing clients to choose between coaching and clinical routes. This flexibility ensures that each individual’s needs are met, igniting their vision and paving the way for success.

The ethos of VIVE™ is encapsulated in the belief that a world where individuals can pursue their passions while maintaining their mental and emotional health is not only possible but within reach. Nastasya Rose’s journey from witnessing her family’s struggles to founding VIVE™ is a powerful narrative of resilience and innovation.

As VIVE™ continues to grow, Nastasya Rose is also expanding her private practice and returning to her first love: music. With her upcoming projects in Worship music, Nastasya is a living example of VIVE™’s mission in action.

From left to right:
Ads Manager: Joel Jesurun
Concierge Manager: Jeanette Diaz
Founder: Nastasya Rose
Coach: Ovi Rathnayake
Stylist: Jennifer Capella

For more information on how VIVE™ is changing lives and shaping futures, visit Stay connected and follow Nastasya Rose’s journey and VIVE™’s latest updates on Instagram @whyvive.

The future holds great promise for Nastasya Rose and the VIVE™ community. As they move forward, their vision of a world where mental health and personal success go hand in hand becomes increasingly tangible. The journey of VIVE™, underpinned by empathy, vision, and resilience, continues to inspire and empower, offering a beacon of hope for countless individuals across the globe.

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