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Vanessa Kahlon : Empowering Children and Families Through Education and Self-Care

Founder of Kahlon Family Services, LLC and Kahlon Family Services School (KFS School) – Making a Difference in the Lives of Children

Vanessa Kahlon, MA, is making waves in the field of education and parenting with her dedication to helping children who are struggling in traditional education. As the founder of Kahlon Family Services, LLC and the Kahlon Family Services School (KFS School), Vanessa is on a mission to provide personalized strategies and support for children facing academic and behavioral challenges. With a range of services, including behavioral consulting, school support, social skills groups, teacher workshops, and parent education, Vanessa and her team at KFS are transforming the lives of countless children and families.

Introducing YEAS Yoga & The 3R Method: Empowering Child Development Through Restorative Practices

Vanessa Kahlon, the creative mind behind YEAS Yoga, has developed an innovative program that combines yoga with restorative practices and body awareness. Understanding the profound impact of yoga on the mind, body, and spirit, Vanessa specifically designed this curriculum for children. YEAS Yoga nurtures an inward focus in children, fostering emotional regulation and cultivating invaluable life skills. Additionally, it promotes a strong bond between parents and children, as parents actively participate in yoga poses and breathing exercises, fostering connection, trust, and coping skills.

Not only do children benefit from YEAS Yoga, but educators also find it advantageous as it enhances their ability to work with children of diverse abilities. By incorporating partner yoga and emphasizing individual focus and tranquility, teachers can assist children in improving impulsivity, body awareness, and self-regulation skills. YEAS Yoga offers a comprehensive ten-hour teacher training program that equips educators and parents with valuable tools to support children’s development and teach essential life skills. Through the incorporation of restorative practices, YEAS Yoga paves the way for holistic growth and well-being in children and educators alike.

Teaching With Heart: A Self-Care Journal for Teachers

Recognizing the immense pressure and burnout experienced by educators, Vanessa has developed a self-care journal titled “Teach With Heart.” This journal serves as a powerful tool for teachers to prioritize their mental health and well-being. As Vanessa collaborates with different schools in the Bay Area for the upcoming school year, “Teach With Heart” aims to promote self-care and emphasize that a teacher’s well-being is crucial for providing the best support to students. The journal encourages teachers to reflect on their experiences, explore self-care practices, and understand that students’ behaviors are not a personal reflection on their teaching skills.

The 3R Method: Redo, Rewind & Repair – Building Social Emotional Skills

Vanessa’s expertise in social-emotional learning has led her to create the 3R Method: Redo, Rewind & Repair. This program equips parents and educators with specific tools and language to help children calm down, build confidence, and develop self-esteem. The 3R Method avoids overwhelming children with excessive information, offering them simple yet effective language to express themselves. In her book “Shut Up & Parent,” Vanessa challenges the traditional approach of telling children to use their words without providing them with the necessary tools to do so. By empowering children with language and giving them the confidence to express themselves, the 3R Method fosters positive behaviors and communication skills.

KFS School: Unlocking Academic Potential through Personalized Education

At KFS School, Vanessa and her team believe in providing personalized education tailored to each student’s unique challenges and aspirations. With flexible seating options, such as movement desks that incorporate bikes, steppers, and spinners, KFS School embraces an individualized approach to learning. The school also emphasizes experiential learning, with bi-monthly visits to Brady Therapeutic Riding Center, where children learn to communicate with horses and develop nonverbal cues.

Notable Career Highlights and Recognitions

Vanessa Kahlon’s remarkable achievements have garnered recognition from various organizations and publications. She holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and has over two decades of experience in the field. In 2008, she founded Kahlon Family Services, LLC, which has since expanded to include the Kahlon Family Services School (KFS School). Vanessa’s dedication to making a difference in the lives of children earned her the prestigious Woman of the Year title by the National Association of Professional Women in 2014. She has been named one of the Top 30 Influential Entrepreneurs and Top 30 Women Entrepreneurs to Take Inspiration From by Entrepreneurs Herald.

Sharing Wisdom and Inspiring Others

Vanessa Kahlon’s journey in education and parenting has provided her with valuable insights and wisdom. Her advice to parents emphasizes trusting their instincts, embracing tough conversations, and allowing children to stumble and learn. As a role model for emerging leaders, Vanessa encourages openness to new opportunities, continuous learning, and maintaining a positive attitude through life’s challenges.

A Bright Future Ahead

Looking ahead, Vanessa envisions the growth and expansion of Kahlon Family Services, LLC and KFS School. With a strong commitment to enhancing services and becoming a leading organization in the parenting and guidance industry, Vanessa is passionate about making a meaningful difference in people’s lives worldwide. She aims to continue developing innovative programs, such as the 3R Method, and hopes to see her book series, including “How To Do Parenting With Confidence,” reach more individuals seeking guidance and support.

To learn more about Vanessa Kahlon and Kahlon Family Services, LLC, please visit:



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