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Tom Ford: ‘The Clothes We Produce Are Not Meant To Be Thrown Away.’

Key points: 

  • From style with a-boom to veganism – in front of the arrival of his new book.
  •  America’s starriest fashioner pauses for a minute to reflect. 

Tom Ford 002, which traverses 444 pages, incorporates symbolism by photographic artists like Mert and Marcus and Inez and Vinoodh and a foreword by Anna Wintour. The rundown of big names highlighted peruses like the setup of one of Ford’s style show first columns with Drake, Rihanna, and Jennifer Lopez among the main events. 

Above all, the courteous fellow leans towards casual banter. “You’re in London? How brilliant. I miss it,” he says of the city he used to call home.  

Texan-conceived Ford addresses me from Beverly Hills, where he has resided since deserting from the UK in 2019. It is noon where he is, and the sun is sparkling. “I do a ton of Zooms, yet it’s great to talk like this. It implies I didn’t need to get up and scrub down ahead of time,” he says. It’s consoling to find that the man credited with reevaluating sex bid is partaking in a duvet day of sorts. 

Laidback isn’t an expression regularly connected with Ford. As an originator, he remains wildly faithful to the type of supercharged excitement he used to change Gucci into a billion-dollar business. His image, which ranges womenswear, menswear and beauty care products, is a superficial point of interest for the super-rich. Its shining advertisement crusades, in a split second conspicuous as Ford’s, are an augmentation of his tastefulness. 

A self-admitted “hyper Virgo”, Ford has an unforgiving eye for everything from flower shows (single-stem bundles just) to the length of a shirt sleeve. He is likewise style’s starriest originator. Catwalk shows for the eponymous mark he dispatched in 2004 draw in a list of attendees to equal the Oscars. Julianne Moore and Rihanna are regulars. In 2013, Jay-Z named a tune in his honour. 

Ford is calm among Hollywood’s top level since he is in it. Subsequent to heading out in different directions from the Gucci bunch, he changed from design to movie set. Ford’s motion pictures – A Single Man (2009) and Nocturnal Animals (2019) – were selected for Academy Awards. Both are excellent to watch.

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