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The Journey of Dan Cohen: From Corporate Job to Amazon Automation Entrepreneur

Dan Cohen is no stranger to success. After graduating from college with a degree in business management, Dan moved to Los Angeles and had a corporate job for three months before realizing it was not for him. This prompted his journey into entrepreneurship, and he has since become an Amazon automation and wholesale distribution entrepreneur.

At 34 years old, Dan has been an entrepreneur since he was 21. He has flipped over 100 houses in 3 years and has been selling on Amazon on and off for over 14 years. He is familiar with every way you can and cannot sell on Amazon and has built relationships with top talent to surround himself with.

Right around the time Covid hit, Dan saw a big opportunity in the Amazon space with all the marketplaces shifting online. He had been selling on Amazon for over 10 years and decided to get back into it at full scale. Now, he owns and manages an Amazon FBA automation company called Ecom Authority and a wholesale distribution company called WTE Partners.

Dan mentioned the unknowns when asked what motivated him to start his business. He also emphasized the importance of finding the right mentor, having the right mindset and belief in yourself, having the capital to reinvest in the business, and gaining clients’ trust.

Dan believes that mindset is everything when starting a business. He advises those trying to start their own business to jump in with both feet and not think or second-guess themselves. He also advises to really seek out mentorship and believe in yourself.

When it comes to fear, Dan mentioned that his biggest fear is letting his family and loved ones down. He is willing to put in the extra effort and work overtime to ensure he does not disappoint them. Success, to Dan, means freedom. He does not define success by a numerical value but rather by how much freedom someone has to do the things they love and enjoy doing.

As for his next projects, Dan’s goal is to become the number 1 company in the Amazon automation space and, at the same time, become a top wholesale distributor in the US. To differentiate himself from his competition, Dan is very transparent with his clients and has an inventory buyback in place, which is unheard of in his industry.

Dan’s biggest obstacle he has overcome so far is the passing away of his twin sister and father from cancer. He believes that in business, there is always a solution to a problem as long as you have good communication, but in life, learning how to overcome obstacles is not something that can be taught. For Dan, financial freedom means being able to do what you want when you want without needing to ask for someone else’s permission.

Dan Cohen’s journey shows that anything is possible if you believe in yourself, have the right mindset, and never give up. His story is a testament to the power of entrepreneurship and its impact on the world.

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