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The 15 Up & Coming Social Media Influencers to Know and Follow in 2022

1. Cameron Peroni

Cameron Peroni is sweeping the sneaker community under the operation Cam’s Kicks, a name that leaves a deep footprint on YouTube’s big screen. With swift deliverance in rare and limited-edition gems, Cameron and his team work around the clock to serve top-shelf shoes to their dedicated communities in Texas, Pennsylvania, and beyond. What started as a passionate hobby in eighth grade grew into a size fourteen enterprise, and with over 150,000 subscribers on YouTube plus 82,000 on Instagram, Cameron’s clean and persistent sneaker system has only just found its footing. Cam’s Kicks currently maintains a storefront in Plano, TX, where the crew just expanded their reach at the Dallas Sneaker Convention. The frontline team has perfected the science of dealing in quality kicks, as each member is well-versed in sneaker anatomy and the processes required to determine a high-end piece of footwear. Professionals at heart, Cameron and the team bring authenticity to their craft, considering every detail and always looking ahead. Of course, the excitement never fades, as shown in their YouTube videos. The sneaker fandom is loyal and demands excellence, two things that guide Cam’s Kicks in its step towards community.

2. Ashley Kirk

Based out of Los Angeles, AKA Cosmetic is synonymous with true beauty and supports a commitment to clean ingredients that mirror the skin in its most potent iteration. Ashley Kirk, founder of AKA Cosmetic, launched her plant-based power line of beauty essentials in 2018 to offer authentic strategy with a conscience to a famously deceptive market. Her ingredients are transparent, thoughtful, and cruelty-free, and recently earned its approval by PETA, who carefully select brands that give back to the global landscape. Kirk has years of experience working as a professional model and draws on the circumstances that revealed to her the nitty-gritty of the modern beauty industry. Her serums are vegan and packed with essential proteins that pull the same weight as their harmful counterparts without the parabens, toxins, and mystery mixtures. Kirk believes in the power of perseverance as it applies to personal growth and healthy skin, and her cosmetic line is designed with every skin type in mind. As a proud Pomeranian mama, Kirk takes animal activism seriously, and has made it her mission to push for cruelty-free production in her North American and China markets at all costs. Her dedication to clean beauty speaks for itself, and the serums of AKA Cosmetic offer a dose of undeniable quality that gets better with time.

3. Zack Gray

Singer-Songwriter, Producer/DJ, Zack Gray came onto the music scene in 2017 with a string of solo releases and collaborations that garnered 30m+ streams worldwide to date. In 2019 he released his debut album, “Imperfect Love” along with securing a spot on the Las Vegas festival, Life is Beautiful. In 2021 Gray released “Hurt” w/ MitiS on his sophomore album “Lost”, which debuted at #1 on the iTunes Dance Charts, and his song “Earn It” with Vanic & Fairlane took the #1 spot on Spotify’s Motivation Mix. With his heartfelt lyrics and powerful vocals, along with 2 captivating live shows as a DJ and with a full band, Gray’s career has continuously gained momentum and support from fans, artists, producers, labels and tastemakers alike. Since deciding to pursue music at the age of 13, Gray has strived to be a light in the world by helping and inspiring others to do what they feel is their love or passion. As a Christian since his youth, he has even more purpose and passion to push out music with hope and honesty. Recently Zack has also entered the YouTube space, where we get an inside look into his life and experiences as a Musician. 

4. Jake Gallen

Entrepreneur, investor, creator, and cryptocurrency enthusiast, Jake Gallen is a Las Vegas native, an expert networker, and an experienced founder and creator. He has in-depth experience with start-ups and has developed expertise in both Forex and the crypto world. He most recently left his decorated job as a Model Beverage Runner at the infamous Omnia Nightclub in Las Vegas to co-launch Nativ Research, an independent crypto-research firm that is focused on accelerating blockchain adoption in Las Vegas. In April of 2020, Gallen took another leap of faith and launched the Guest List Podcast, a long-form conversational podcast that features industry leaders and innovative individuals across the Vegas Valley and beyond. The show has since received over 30,000 audio downloads and 50,000+ views on YouTube. Gallen also has begun dabbling in the NFT world, with a portfolio composed of the likes of MoonCatRescue, a prized NFT built on the Ethereum Blockchain. Gallen plans to creatively keep his momentum rolling across platforms for 2022 in the crypto and business world. 

5. Gianni Taylor

Gianni Taylor is a musician that creates music for all walks of life. Derived from an inkling to creatively express himself after being gifted his first Macbook years ago, he quickly mastered GarageBand and has since strived to use his talent to unite an audience. Graduating from GarageBand, Taylor strategically curates all of his own songs, with a catalog composed of drastic range, he’s cultivated a collective designed to help people heal, feel, and connect. Taylor has a goal of breaking the barriers of the music industry that confine artists to single genres, altering how people view everything that makes an artist special. Taylor has a lot to come in 2022 but has his eyes on the Billboard Hot 100 List for his upcoming debut solo album.

 6. Dillon Salva

Dillon Salva is a fitness influencer and entrepreneur with a passion for all things fitness. With a background composed of college sports and a brief stint in the NFL, Salva couldn’t help but go all-in on his fitness journey as his highly competitive sports career came to an end. In 2019, he created his coaching brand, Skutty, which quickly gained traction in his home state of New Jersey and has continued to expand since. He trains big-time social media stars, D1 athletes, and A-list celebrities online and in-person, with an extremely high success rate and tons of verified positive reviews. He also has branched out into the CBD realm of supplementing by launching Skutty CBD, a CBD-based brand for athletes and active people alike. Salva is currently training to compete in bodybuilding with backing from some of the world’s leading fitness brands such as Enhanced, Eat Clean Bro, and Squatwolf. He has high aspirations for going pro in the near future and in the interim, he currently runs his businesses primarily on social media with a website launch in the near future.

7. Mara Francesca

Co-owner of Lola + Mila CBD and the Miracle Marketplace, Mara Francesca is one of the first female Filipinos to own a CBD company. As a seasoned yoga instructor and intuitive reader, Francesca has curated her brands strategically so that they reflect values she holds close to her heart, the brands stand on self-care and empowerment. The Miracle Marketplace carries esoteric products such as candles, elixirs, smudge sprays, and accessories, working closely with independent women business owners. The companies are derived from their CEO and creative, Mara Francesca’s grandmother, Milagros Mercado, which translates to Miracle Market. The CEO sought out to create a narrative that honors and pays homage to her guardian angel. Francesca, Lola + Mila, and the Miracle Marketplace have been featured in several publications and their products have received countless positive reviews, the team looks to continue spreading positivity and uplifting their clients in 2022. 

8. Aubrie Bromlow

Aubrie Bromlow is a health enthusiast and entrepreneur with a passion for connecting with her audience. She is well-known for her mantra “Memories Over Macros”, which encourages others to find a balance between making memories with fun foods while continuing to reach their health and wellness goals; she’s so connected to this mantra that she named her business after it. In 2018, Aubrie left her job, sold her house, and wholeheartedly poured her energy into growing Memories Over Macros. The ongoing support from her audience led her to create Fat and Weird® Cookie Co. with her husband, Brad, as well as a clothing brand called Modiv. Aubrie attributes her success to her ability to persevere through adversity, remain positive, and continue adding value to people’s lives despite hardship. She strives to help people, even if it’s just one person, and believes if she’s doing that, then she’s doing her job the right way.

9. Brad Bromlow

Brad Bromlow is a fitness and health enthusiast as well as an entrepreneur. His initial start on social platforms consisted of workouts and recipes that revolved around “If It Fits Your Macros” (IIFYM) when macro-tracking was just gaining some traction in the fitness/health realm. IIFYM created the foundation of Brad’s brand, allowing him to grow followers across platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok since his initial push. Brad’s image revolves around his life as a dad, his love for sweets, and balancing that with a healthy and active lifestyle. This balance has resonated with his audience and holds significant value in their lives. Brad and his wife, Aubrie, launched Fat and Weird® Cookie in August of 2018, a gourmet cookie company designed for everyone that LOVES sweets. They opened their first storefront for the business back in May of 2021 shortly after having their first daughter, Scarlett. Despite such a hectic year, Brad is staying busy and continuing to build his brands and spread his uplifting positivity. 

10. Amanda Ivanelli

Amanda Ivanelli is the creative genius behind LUXE Mama Blog, an initiative designed to empower and unite moms everywhere. Ivanelli has a mission of adding a little LUXE to everyday motherhood, she does this by sharing her journey of balancing passions while navigating the life of being a boy mom. The idea stemmed from Ivanelli feeling a need to creatively express herself while living the life of a stay-at-home mom of FOUR boys. She’s managed to maintain a love for all things girly and wanted to do everything she could to continue embracing her individuality as she introduced children into her life. She hasn’t lost an ounce of her womanhood along the way despite living in a household full of boys, continuously finding ways to inspire women and moms everywhere when it comes to motherhood, fitness, beauty, fashion, and everything it looks like to be a boss mom! 

11. Alex Eskandari

Racecar driver, golfer, and car distributor, Alex Eskandari, is quickly making a name for himself in the greater Las Vegas area. Eskandari was the first Armenian American to compete in a NASCAR event and has continued to gain traction in the sport since. He raced in the West Coast Short Track Championship at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in November of 2021 and will be inducted into the Armenian Sports Hall of Fame on February 26th of 2022. His love and passion for race cars combined with his embedded need to make a positive impact on his community have played a major role in rolling success. Eskandari is grateful for the opportunities that have led him to his current stage of success and is forever grateful for his partnerships with Prestige Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, 1st Vegas Auto Body, Ace Towing, Sandstone Electric, and Enclave & Key for helping him along the way. 

12. Clayton Ruff

Clayton Ruff is the owner of 610 Hype, a sneaker company that offers a massive variety of high-end shoes in the greater Philadelphia area and beyond. Ruff and his brand have an objective of supplying shoes to those who will truly enjoy them. He takes pride in playing a part in contributing to collectors lineups with his great customer service and seemingly endless supply of rare sneakers. Most recently, Ruff has made a huge push on social platforms to expand his business into the eCommerce world. His TikTok, Shoe Community (@shoe_community), has amassed 66.5k followers, 11M views, and over 2M likes. Sneakers entered Ruff’s life through YouTube and have been a pillar in his happiness since, his goal is to make the same impact on kids’ lives that vloggers like Blake Wynn, Qias Omar, and Blazendary had on him. 

13. Amber H

Social media star, musician, and expert beautician, Amber H, brings a strong sense of authenticity to her brand, allowing her triple-threat authority to speak for itself through music, hairstyling, and playful collaboration with her partner, Kid Lucas. After holding court over Instagram’s beauty arena for six years, she established herself as a force to be reckoned with in songwriting after releasing her first single, “Let’em Know” in 2018. Additionally, her hairstyling maintains a loyal following and is supported primarily through her online shop, Pony Tales. On YouTube, she rakes in over 160,000 followers and teams up with Kid Lucas on a separate channel, known simply as Lucas & Amber. Collectively, the two artists enjoy over 450,000 subscribers and excel in their respective corners as well as harmoniously. Amber’s relationship with her Instagram family (294K, to be exact) is personal and offers a crystal clear invitation to join her on any excursion, a refreshing contrast to so many other influencers who often feel out-of-reach from their followers. Her feed is honest and fun, with sprinkles of sass twinkling around. With a commanding presence online and plenty of influence IRL, this style icon is only just beginning her stride into a future dripping with finesse.

14. De’Andre Asbury-Heath

Hailing from small-town South Carolina, the baseball player turned reality TV star, De’Andre Asbury-Heath, traded the lowcountry in 2019 for the balmy beaches of Miami, FL where he continues to juggle an array of talents. From a very young age, De’Andre excelled in athletics and went on to pursue professional baseball coast-to-coast. Forever a team player, he left the batting mat but retained a competitive edge through modeling and entertainment. More recently, De’Andre was cast in season two of the revival series Love Island, which follows a group of singles searching for passion and margaritas against remote backdrops. Online, De’Andre holds a strong grip on Instagram, with over 48,000 followers and sharp editorial shots with brands like Actively Black, Phenom Elite, and Clean Juice. His infectious personality shines through even the brightest of screens, and every week his followers can expect a routine reality check with “Wisdom Wednesdays”, a mid-week call-to-action found on Stories. De’Andre is among the few dreamers who actually put their goals to action, who put the pen to paper. His proactive sense of achievement and desire to get things done raises the bar in an era of complacency, when it’s all too easy to “sit back and wait” for opportunity. Whether it’s his candid smile on television or his eagerness to exceed expectations, we could all use a little more De’Andre in our lives.

15. Jadarius Thursby

Recently signed with Southern Methodist University in Texas, defensive back Jadarius Thursby (#36) was handed dozens of collegiate offers before accepting his post amid the Mustangs. Always about the grind, Thursby was instrumental in taking Duncanville High School to a 15-1 record victory in 2018, along with finishing as runner-up statewide Division 1. Additionally, he qualified for the state championship of young men’s track & field in April of 2021. Thursby is a true Texan, and takes pride in his home state and his home team. The SMU Mustangs reward such loyalty, and as part of their “Born & Raised” exposure strategies, players like Thursby are featured on billboards across the nation, from Texas to Times Square, to honor SMU’s homegrown talent from the Dallas-Fort Worth area. You can even spot Thursby on a banner inside the Dallas airport! With just over 5,000 followers on Instagram, Thursby is quickly making an impression across college football, and is well on his way to leading the pack at SMU and beyond.  

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