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Taking giant strides across the American music industry is an emerging name and figure, BagBoy Ona Cloud.

Exuding sheer brilliance, talent, passion, and skill is BagBoy Ona Cloud whose recent catchy tracks and mesmerizing music has enthralled all.

Among many diverse sectors and fields, the music industry has been one of the niches that connects directly with audiences. Music is a healing therapy which has helped millions of people to overcome stress, anxiety, depression, and many more. With right skills, artistic mind, and pro knowledge of music beats and rhythms, one can find themselves to be surrounded by many work opportunities giving umpteen number of possibilities to connect with wide audiences. With changing demand, many different music genres have picked up momentum among wider masses. Be it be Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, Jazz, and many more, audiences have developed a different taste and expect the music professionals to deliver desired results. With cut-throat competition, many music artists have to be on the tip of their toes to meet the needs of listeners and create a long lasting impact on them. We came across one such ace singer and music professional whose compositions and songs have striked the right chord in the hearts of audiences, BagBoy Ona Cloud.

BagBoy Ona Cloud is an passionate and driven singer, composer and complete music artist who was born and raised on the west side of Charleston WV. Being inclined towards the art and craft of music making since the 4t grade, BagBoy Ona Cloud picked up music instrument and since ten there has been no looking back for him. Diligently working hard and honing his skills, BagBoy Ona Cloud soon became an true-blue music artist garnering lot of love, fame, and recognition. He wrote lyrics and scripts in middle school but his life changed when one of his friends took him to ID labs in Pittsburg. It was his first time being in a actual professional studio and they immediately fell in love with the energy. Icons he looked up to on the walls while he recorded really gave him the energy to take music seriously. Today, BagBoy Ona Cloud has been one of the finest music talents in the country. 

BagBoy Ona Cloud’s first EP, Solar System was a massive hits and created waves within the music realm. His newest mixtape, ROOFTOPS, is special as well which is a 3 artist collab project composed with Top Ninja and Nez Utta. The project is doing really good and gaining a lot of support. The tracks on it are different but very hip hop building a whole new level of different vibes and energy. BagBoy Ona Cloud is all set to drop his DOPE high-energy track which is called HIGH FLYER and also one collab Tape which is already creating massive buzz and excitement among audiences. 

Finding peace and solace in music, BagBoy Ona Cloudcontinues to work harder and follow his passion to scale great heights of success. For more details, do visit

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