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Saverio Francesco Fiorita says how trading serves as an amazing career if done right

His software is successfully used worldwide by the institutional hedge fund in countries starting from Switzerland to Abu Dhabi and Dubai as collaboration and as a partner.

There are a few people who believe in going with the flow and also following the footsteps of others to make it big in their careers, and then there are a few others who believe in riding against the tides and making the most of the opportunities, while also creating newer ones for them in their journeys. People belonging to the latter category are those that do not conform to the norms set by others but rather believe in setting their own rules and standards to raise the bar for other budding talents in their respective industries. Doing that in the world of trading has proved to be even more challenging, but professionals like Saverio Francesco Fiorita make all of this look effortless.

The Dubai-based professional is a 1994-born and, even as a young professional, has immersed himself into the digital side of trading, only to emerge as a one-of-a-kind business owner in the industry. He started his journey as a 12-year-old helping to fix boats when he lived in Italy. Earning a few hundred euros, he was happy with his career. Later, he focused his energies on studying mechanics, related to logic and mathematics, and also found interest in trading. Saverio Francesco Fiorita then started working as a manual trader and simultaneously worked in a bank to learn more about the niche. However, to not get entangled in the rat race, he decided to start something of his own.

However, Saverio also realized how challenging it was with manual trading, and that ignited the fire in him to create an Artificial Intelligence-based software to turn things automatic in trading. As of now, this software creator is making +50 to 100% in a year with a max 10%/20% risk. His software is used successfully around the world by the institutional hedge fund in countries starting from Switzerland to Abu Dhabi and Dubai not only as a collaboration but also as a partner.

Saverio Francesco Fiorita highlights how trading serves to be an amazing career if done right, saying, “As a trader, you are your only competition, behave correctly, manage your risk appropriately, learn financial markets and live a truly magnificent life.”

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