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Revolutionizing the coffee niche with his top-notch coffee brands is Brandon Ivan Pena.

All his coffee projects like 787 Coffee, Hacienda Iluminada and BrandOn have changed the game of the coffee business across NYC.

Isn’t it wondrous to know and learn about all those individuals who wish to clinch excellence before desiring to attain success? Well, there are several success stories in the world across industries and fields, but a few of them have totally astounded the world with their top-notch skillset, extensive knowledge and pure passion for their respective industries. Knowing more about such professionals and entrepreneurs only go ahead in instilling more positivity, hope and motivation, in others, which eventually inspires them to take their first step towards their desired visions and goals in life. Out of many such astute professionals, we came across a high-performing and highly driven entrepreneur named Brandon Ivan Pena, the man who believed in his visions and made every possible effort to turn the same into reality.

Brandon Ivan Pena stands tall as a rare entrepreneurial talent who has worked towards inspiring innovation and greatness in his chosen industry, thanks to his love for coffee. Brandon confesses how as a mad coffee lover and connoisseur, he always desired to do something different in the industry that could help stand apart. Naturally, he dived deep into the coffee industry and, since then, has never looked back. Today, Brandon Ivan Pena has been making his unique niche in the caffeine world with his cafes and coffee brands.

He is the brain behind New York’s favourite coffee brand, “787 Coffee”, a natural flavoured coffee brand and cafe, which currently has 12 coffee shops across NYC and soon will also open 8 more shops in Brooklyn and on the west side of Manhattan. The speciality of 787 Coffee is that its beans are directly grown from their farms in Puerto Rico. Since the coffee lover wanted his coffee brands to stand apart from others in the competitive industry and wished to develop its natural and unique taste, he focused on growing his own coffee beans through his farms in Puerto Rico, which ultimately led 787 Coffee to attain a unique identity in the market.

Brandon Ivan Pena proudly says that they have adopted sustainable processes and also protect the forests through eco-friendly farming, which is yet another outstanding reason for his coffee brands to attain towering success. Furthermore, they grabbed more eyeballs when they committed themselves to elevate women representation in their coffee farm, making it a responsible coffee brand.

Brandon Ivan Pena’s all coffee projects like 787 Coffee, BrandOn and Hacienda Iluminada have become go-to spots for coffee lovers in New York for their rich taste and highest quality. For all those wondering how their coffee is made, Brandon explains that the process includes creating fine and flavourful coffee beans directly from his farms in Puerto Rico, which are tested by coffee experts, including himself.

Brandon Ivan Pena hails from El Paso, Texas, and is a Latin entrepreneur who has made it huge as a businessman, business consultant and motivational speaker. Apart from the coffee business, he is hugely involved in his consulting business named “BrandOn”, which is about business consulting and youth motivational conferences. He has been impacting lives positively through the various workshops under his company BrandOn for up-and-coming entrepreneurs. So far, he has done many workshops, including SXSW, Design Shanghai, C2MTL, Social Media Week Puerto Rico and Latinos Pa Lante.

Currently, Brandon Ivan Pena is excited to expand his 787 Coffee brand (Instagram – @787coffee) across many other locations and elevate the coffee experiences of people.

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