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Reinaldo Bueno Filho: brazilian influencer, business consulting and spiritual guru who’s, for sure, building a huge legacy.

Reinaldo Bueno Filho, the Brazilian influencer who has more than 200 thousand followers in your accounts on social media has built a huge name for himself and is the definition of multitasking. Born in a well-known family in politics and business, he’s a young business consultant, teacher, writer, entrepreneur, and – the most curious of it all: a very well know spiritual leader and one of the biggest names in the area nowadays.

Building the persona that he carries today, always wearing a lot of jewellery and being noted by all the special made clothes that he wears, his life in adulthood started early. At fourteen years old started working in the family business, which he still do, even though today he does a lot more. Still, he’s a well known business consultant that helps his clients with ideas that brings the best of the past (coming from his family’s decades of work) putting it together with innovation and all the new techniques and expertises from the now. “Always for the best of the clients.”

Also, alongside with your family, has been working in the mediation of exportation of mines of great value, such as gold and diamonds, and, also, has been mediating big businesses between banks, financial institutions of investimentos and multinational corporations. 

Although the influencer lives a very well regulated life to keep in plate everything he has on, he still finds time to some other passions. Literature and writing being in that hall, and Reinaldo Bueno Filho has been awarded for his productions in Brazil and also internationally, in countries like Peru, Mexico, Portugal, France, Spain, and others. 

Another one of his passions and probably the most fascinating of them is spirituality. He’s the biggest name online in his country that works only on the internet. And, for sure, one of the biggest too generally. He thanks his spiritual sides for his well succeeded life: “without my spiritual side and rituals, I believe, I would never have reached all the goals that I had and probably wouldn’t be half of what I am today.”  

His works as a spiritual-guru is getting bigger day by day. He’s known in his country for being, in a very discreet form, the spiritual ritualist and advisor of a lot of public figures and famous people. Not to count all of the people he attends that keeps looking for him online and getting his help.

Reinaldo Bueno Filho is highly graduated in Afro-Brazilian religions and secrets sects that work with magic and rituals for all purposes, and, for this reason and for his relevant work as a spiritual guide, the guy, who’s known in that area as Mestre Bueno do Barão, has been considered the new face of spirituality in his country. And for sure shows a new face and new innovative ways to work with the occult. 

And Reinaldo Bueno Filho, the Mestre Bueno do Barão, prefers to maintain his presence online that reaches thousands of people, for those looking for evolving spirituality, guidance and rituals: the young religious leader daily shows his ability to work magic (which he calls energy transmutation that is occult to the human eye but possible to work with the right spiritual knowledge, “after all all is involved in magic: everything is energy”). “And everything I do, always, is looking for the best.” he adds. Also, he believes in the ecumenical ability to connect everything as  whole in unison by obtaining help through the internet, because it reaches everywhere,  that’s way he chose to work through it.

The multifaceted young influencer shows his  talents in many different forms and is for sure a profile to watch. Making and impression with his businesses and spiritual sides, to an engaged, serious, sincere, fearless and committed religious leader and business consulting persona. In addition, he, as a influencer, also shows his life as a young man, always living the best of life.

Connect on Instagram :- @Reinaldo Bueno Filho

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