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Red Snow Review – Vampire Burlesque Covers Christmas Joy Not Rigours.

Key points: 

  • This dark satire about a creator of heartfelt vampire books with a surprising guest is sucked dry of emotional strain. 
  • Purposefully naff or somewhat wooden? … Red Snow. 

Home Alone meets The Lost Boys in this shoddy mostly engaging Christmas vampire film from chief Sean Nichols Lynch; it’s a dark parody with some senseless splattery gore. Lynch capitalizes on a restricted financial plan and his mindful content is here and there truly interesting, as well. In any case, you wouldn’t by and large call it light of touch and the entertainers battle a piece with the comic register. A few scenes leave you pondering: is this purposefully naff or somewhat wooden? 

The setting is Lake Tahoe several evenings before Christmas. Dennice Cisneros plays Olivia, an unpublished creator of heartfelt vampire books who lives alone; her kitchen cabinet is full brimming with dismissal letters. Any jobbing essayist will feel for Olivia’s dynamic when she saves a bat that ends up being a real vampire – a hot vampire at that. He is Luke (Nico Bellamy), and Olivia makes him a proposition: he can crash for a couple of evenings in her carport while he recuperates from an awful wooden-stake injury as a trade-off for perusing her most recent composition. Thus, while she heats cups of pigs’ blood for him in the microwave (“they were parting with it at the butcher’s”), he gives her line-by-line criticism on her exposition. 

The essential blemish in the content is that Olivia beats her fear of Luke in around five minutes level, changing to Twilight-ish dreams of sentiment – even after a vampire tracker thumps at her entryway and Luke’s calfskin coat wearing vamp amigos start sniffing around. Scarcely a drop of emotional pressure remains.

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