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Powerful: Businesswoman and artistic advisor Roberta Nuñez, clarifies essential tips to create notoriety with the press and build an artistic image

As an artist, it is essential to create an image that expresses your personality and creative vision, as well as attract the attention of the press.

The press is a powerful tool to build a career and achieve notoriety, but it can be difficult to get to the right people and make a lasting impression. Fortunately, following some essential tips from Roberta Nuñez, you can build an artistic image and create notoriety with the press.

The successful businesswoman is an expert on the subject and takes care from the creation of relevant effective press subjects to networking with the main influencers, this guide created by the entrepreneur, provides essential tips to help you create an image and gain the attention of the press. With these tips, you can start building your reputation as an artist and take your career to the next level.

In an interview with our portal, Roberta Nuñez explains how to develop a professional image. “A critical aspect to create an image that can attract the press is to establish a professional image through your creative work and your personal brand. When journalists see you as an artist, they want to see your art, not your resume,” explains the businesswoman.

With a shower of tips, the powerful business woman explains: “to attract the press, your creative work must be of sufficient quality to represent you and your artistic vision. Your resume, on the other hand, should emphasize the technical aspects of your artistic practice and should be presented professionally, because the press will use it and any other information you can find online to create a profile of you as an artist. If you want to build an image that can attract the attention of the press, you must create works that attract a wide audience and that are presented in renowned publications. The quality of your work and your ability to collaborate with other artists will also help you build a professional image,” concludes and businesswoman.

We asked Roberta Nuñez about the creation of a biography for the artist and she responds with a wealth of details. “A biography intended for the press is a collection of all the materials that a journalist will need to write an article about his creative work. This artistic biography is often referred to as a press release, but it is important to note that when it comes to professional press, biography is not an article.

While an artistic biography is written by the artist, a press article includes all the information that the journalist used to write his article,” clarified the powerful businesswoman.

Roberta Nuñez explains that participating in public or private events, such as art exhibitions, conferences, discussion boards and lectures, or private and private events, are a great way to network with the main influencers and create an artistic image. Although these events are often free, their cost can sometimes be covered by the organizers. “If you are planning to attend a public event, you should contact the organizers and ask if you can be paid to attend. They will also help you gain the attention of the press and are a great way to increase your public exposure,” he concludes.

Leverage to grow! Social media is an important part of any artist’s social media strategy and an essential part of building a professional image. You can use social media to give readers an internal look at your creative process and the inspiration behind your work, as well as showing your personality. You can also use social media to communicate with your followers and build a loyal audience. By posting art on your social media, you can also increase your online visibility and gain more followers. Most importantly, you can use social media as a way to communicate with cultural influencers, since many artists use it to keep in touch with their colleagues. You can also use social media to reach journalists and editors, as many of them use it to search for content.

Businesswoman Roberta Nuñez talks about the importance of publishing articles and interviews. “Articles and interviews about your creative work also help you build a professional image and gain the attention of the press. Fortunately, there are several sites for articles and interview requests, where I have an opening throughout Brazil abroad. My job in this sense is to make the link of the artists with the press media and connect with editors and publications” – Roberta Nuñez.

To conclude, Roberta Nuñez says: “when building a professional image, it is essential to create works that will appeal to a wide audience and will be presented in renowned publications. It is also important to establish a professional image through your creative work and your personal brand, as well as to create an image that can attract the attention of the press. Some essential tips to build a professional reputation include the development of a professional image through your creative work, the creation of media for the press, networking with the main influencers in your niche, participation in public and private events, the use of social media and the use of visual aids.”

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