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Phillip Sanders: Crafting Soulful Country Ballads and Entrepreneurial Success Stories

Unraveling the Multifaceted Journey of a Country Music Maestro and Business Virtuoso, and His Latest Melodic Offering, ‘Running From The Rain’

In the world of country music, few artists embody versatility and authenticity as aptly as Phillip Sanders. A seasoned singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur, Sanders has not only cultivated a distinctive sound but also a multifaceted career that extends beyond the realm of music.

Sanders’ journey into the music industry began in earnest in 2016. Despite his late entry, he swiftly marked his territory with a string of chart-topping hits that resonated with country music lovers worldwide. Tracks like “We Do that in the Country,” “Drink You Down,” “What I Didn’t Do,” “With Her I Am,” “Over a Beer,” “Lay You Down & Love You,” “Another You,” and “If I Didn’t Love You Girl” have etched Sanders’ name in the annals of country music.

His latest release, “Running From The Rain,” once again displays his knack for crafting music that connects with listeners on an emotive level. The official video for this song can be viewed at, where fans are treated to Sanders’ heartfelt storytelling and resonant vocals.

Born and raised in Florida, Sanders was nurtured in a family rich in musical talent. This heritage is apparent in the depth and soulfulness of his music. However, his talents don’t stop at music. Sanders is also a committed family man and a forward-thinking entrepreneur. He currently collaborates with his wife, Mercedes Sanders, co-owner of the renowned men’s fragrance company Graciano Ltd, on various ventures.

Sanders’ entrepreneurial spirit shines through his diverse business pursuits, which span areas such as oil and gas, wine, and men’s cologne. His latest business venture, a fragrance for men titled “Matador,” is set to launch soon in collaboration with Graciano Ltd.

Before his successful foray into music, Sanders was a commercial investment entrepreneur, a role that allowed him to bolster his wife’s business efforts. This power couple’s collaborations have not only been fruitful in business but also creatively. Mercedes Sanders has been a significant contributor to Phillip’s musical journey.

Phillip Sanders now stands as a beacon of success, not just for his country music contributions but also for his entrepreneurial pursuits. The fusion of his musical passion and business acumen has kept him at the #1 spot in the top 100 Artist Direct’s trending weekly artists for 11 consecutive weeks.

Sanders’ career trajectory is a testament to the power of pursuing one’s passion, regardless of age or circumstances. He initially aspired to be a songwriter but opted to sing his songs when he recognized the challenges of finding the right voice for his lyrics. His story inspires his fans and aspiring artists to chase their dreams relentlessly.

Through his music, Sanders aims to promote love, healthy relationships, and genuine emotions, offering a refreshing deviation from the melancholy often associated with country music. To him, success is not measured by fame or wealth, but by the joy derived from his work and the impact he makes.

As he continues to strum his way into the hearts of country music lovers with his soulful melodies and to carve a niche in the entrepreneurial world, Sanders represents the beautiful blend of art and enterprise.

For more updates on Phillip Sanders’ melodious journey and entrepreneurial ventures, follow his social handles:

Instagram: @PhillipSandersMusic Website: Facebook: @PhillipSandersMusic Apple Music: @Phillip-Sanders Twitter: @PhillipTXMusic

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