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Kuky Fuego: from television character to being one of the people with the most contacts in Spain.

Among the most charismatic characters on Spanish television who has managed to enhance his career as a presenter, speaker and influential person is Fernando Ruano, known in the media as Kuky Fuego.

This young presenter managed to become an influential person in social networks, who in the beginning published videos and stood out for his great originality, wit and outgoing personality.  This caught the attention of important Mediaset producers, who included him in one of the most demanded programs in Spain: “Who wants to marry my son?”

Great influencer of television in Spain

Fernando Ruano, the speaker behind the character, is recognized worldwide for the sympathy, professionalism and joy that he injects into all of his presentations.  This influential character was the last protagonist of the television program “Who wants to marry my son?”.  Thanks to this reality show, Kuky Fuego managed to climb his professional career.  This allowed him to meet prominent figures in the artistic environment and influential people with whom he managed to have a direct approach and became friends.

 Although television and social media are considered difficult spaces to enter and maintain, this character achieved what many would like to achieve, thanks to his constant effort, charisma, sympathy and preparation.

Today, Kuky Fuego is a speaker in Jerez and performs different presentations both for festivals and events of different categories.  These activities that he carries out have allowed the presenter to gain a large audience and acceptance from the Spanish public.  For this reason, he is today classified as an influential person with the greatest number of contacts in Spain.

Kuky Fuego is recognized for going from being a television character to an influential person in Spain.

The character Kuky Fuego has managed to acquire new knowledge throughout his career that has allowed him to offer managerial services to other people.  In addition, he has collaborated with prominent Spanish companies in order to promote and publicize them.

 This has cataloged him not only as a presenter of television programs, but as an influential person in the Spanish market.  In addition, it has allowed him to grow professionally and become one of the most successful and influential people in the entire country.  Thanks to his experience in television, Kuky Fuego became a presenter and speaker with endless contacts with artists and companies who want to publicize his projects.

Many companies or artists seek to generate publicity and promotion of their services and contents, something that they will be able to obtain with the help of Kuky Fuego and his advice.
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