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Natalia Gazha: From Miss Ukraine to Wellness Guru – The Journey of Transforming Lives

Born in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic on February 12, 1987, Natalia Gazha has successfully navigated the worlds of beauty, wellness, and personal transformation. From winning the Miss Teen Bikini Ukraine—World 2009 nomination and the World Bikini Model 2010 contest to becoming the Miss American Dream 2011, Natalia has continually demonstrated a profound ability to reinvent herself.

Gazha, a graduate of the Beauty Academy in Florida, Miami, and an advanced trainee from the Beauty Academy in Kyiv, transformed her life experiences into a mission to empower women. As the co-founder and master wellness retreat of “I AM A FLOWER OF LIFE,” she is now a symbol of resilience and renewal.

Her journey into wellness began amidst personal adversity. Struggling with severe insomnia, Natalia sought help but found none that worked. The detrimental effects of sleep deprivation began to take a toll on her wellbeing, leading to nervous system burnout. This prompted her to explore alternative healing methods, eventually leading her to meditation. Finding solace and progress in this practice, she decided to extend this lifeline to others as well.

Living in Tulum, Mexico, a place renowned for its retreat centers, Natalia was inspired to create a similar haven for healing in the USA. The inception of “I AM A FLOWER OF LIFE” retreat center was driven by her desire to help others navigate the difficult times in their lives, find their life’s purpose, and reconnect with their inner child.

The mission and vision behind her retreat center are grounded in the principles of self-healing and inner transformation. The unique blend of spiritual practices, spa services, and wellness teachings are designed to guide attendees toward their inner peace and resilience.

In creating an environment conducive to rejuvenation and transformation, Gazha handpicks her team with great consideration. With a keen eye for quality and effectiveness, she personally tests every practice and procedure to ensure that her guests will find them beneficial.

Natalia’s retreat center is a testimony to her belief in holistic wellness. She incorporates wellness and self-care into the center, recognizing the intrinsic connection between mental and physical health. By focusing on repairing the entire system, her program fosters comprehensive healing, further offering valuable advice on how attendees can maintain their wellness independently.

Among the many rewards of running such a transformative retreat center, Natalia cherishes the joy of witnessing the change in her guests. Seeing faces light up with newfound energy, witnessing shifts in perspectives, and recognizing the spark of happiness in her guests as they leave the center are her definitions of success.

As for the future of “I AM A FLOWER OF LIFE,” Gazha remains open to growth and evolution. Living in the present, she acknowledges the intersection of different dimensions of existence and expresses a keen interest in exploring new practices and technologies. Her commitment to continued development is a clear testament to her dedication to wellness and personal transformation.

To get a glimpse of Natalia Gazha’s transformative journey and her impactful work at “I AM A FLOWER OF LIFE,” follow her on Instagram @Natalyagazha

To anyone aspiring to establish their retreat center, Natalia offers this piece of advice: “They must love this business, as it is soul that you contribute to it.” In this spirit, Natalia Gazha continues to embody the transformative journey from beauty queen to wellness guru, empowering others along the way to find their own paths to wellness and self-love.

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Picture : Luba Puchkova

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