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Naomi Achu : Singer, Rapper, Philanthropist – Empowering Africa and Beyond

Naomi Achu, is not just an award winning recording artist but a beacon of hope and change, using her platform to uplift communities and advocate for peace on a global scale. As a singer, rapper, songwriter, and humanitarian, Naomi’s journey is one of compassion, consistency and unwavering dedication to making a difference. 

Many leaders across the centuries experienced some form of pain as part of their growth and Naomi has had her fair share. Despite facing immense challenges, including the recent loss of her father, Naomi has emerged stronger, using her pain as fuel for positive change. She acknowledges the profound impact of her father’s guidance and strives to honor his legacy by continuing her mission to uplift others, starting from her Cameroonian roots. Through her experiences, Naomi emphasizes the importance of cherishing relationships and learning from the wisdom of previous generations.

For the first time in her career, Naomi reveals her royal heritage. She reflects on her family legacy which takes us on an ancestral journey that leads us to the Fon (King) of the Baforchu tribe; Her Great Great Grandfather, who was also an Achu. The name Achu is pronounced Atsoh. Baforchu means Chief of Atsoh (Ba-Fa-Tso). 

There lies Naomi’s claim to the palace and to her people; Giving deeper meaning to her popular aka “Queen of Bamenda”.  However, Naomi, through her deeds, places more value on character and good works than on titles. She chooses to travel the world spreading love and positivity as well as creating awareness of her native land. 

Notable Career Highlights and Recognition

Naomi’s career is adorned with accolades from all over the world  that reflect her commitment to humanitarianism and peace-building.  Her most recent humanitarian recognition come from the Glitz & Girl Power Awards in Miami, Florida and another from the SDTA Awards in Accra, Ghana.  Naomi was decorated by the Chief & the elders of Obomeng, Ghana, where she was gifted land and residency for her support to the community. Naomi also has two proclamations from Fulton County & the City of Atlanta, Georgia respectively which come with her own “Naomi Achu Appreciation Day”. The Heroine Award of South Africa have awarded Naomi for her global impact as a recording artist; And most recently, IRAWMA (International Reggae and World Music Awards) have nominated her for Best Afrobeats entertainer.

Bridging Divides Through Music and Advocacy

As Naomi gets ready for her mid/late 2024 tour of the United States with Madaraka Festival (powered by Live Nation), we notice that Naomi’s music transcends boundaries, serving as a powerful tool for unity and social change. Her collaboration with Seun Kuti on the song “Fight For You” exemplifies her commitment to using art for activism. This song, submitted for Grammy Consideration in Best Song for Social Change, has become a beacon of hope for communities facing crisis worldwide. Her most recent single, “A Big Man” is a cultural feast of cries and harmonies; A call-and-response patterned composition dedicated to her father and his friends. “A Big Man” is currently being acclaimed for bringing her people together for its originality, authenticity and ancestral ties.

Naomi’s philanthropic endeavors extend far beyond her music career which she recently shared during International Women’s Month at the UN General Assembly in New York . Through initiatives like Breast Cancer Awareness, Covid Relief, and Childhood Education projects (which she runs under  INA, her charitable organization ) she addresses pressing issues facing communities in Africa and beyond. From collaborating with other charitable organizations such as the World Food Programme, The Grant Cardone Foundation, We The Best Foundation, supplying books to schools in Ghana, building a library at the Michael Blackson Academy to advocating for women’s health and empowerment, Naomi’s impact is felt at the grassroots level.

Paving the Way for a Brighter Future

Looking ahead, Naomi envisions a future where she continues to build upon her father’s legacy, elevating Africa through music and entertainment. Her dream is to foster greater unity and prosperity, using her influence to create lasting change for generations to come.

Naomi Achu’s story is one of compassion, faith in God and unwavering dedication to making a difference. As a singer, rapper, songwriter and philanthropist, she embodies the spirit of hope and unity, using her platform to empower communities and advocate for peace on a global scale. In recognition of her transformative efforts, Naomi stands as a pillar of inspiration for individuals around the world, demonstrating the power of music and activism to create a brighter tomorrow.

Join Naomi Achu on her Social Media networks, Listen to Naomi’s music and watch her perform live in a city near you. 

Social Media 

IG: @iamnaomiachu 

IG: @internationalnursesforafrica

FB: Naomi Achu 

TIK-TOK: Naomi Achu 

YouTube : NaomiAchuWorldwide 

Email: [email protected]

Photo Credits

Artist/Model: Naomi Achu @iamnaomiachu 

Photo (Black Toghu Dress): Gabriella Umenei 

Photo (Toghu hat) : Ebes Olumese

Outfit (Black Toghu Dress) : Eboh Design

Art direction & styling: Naomi Achu

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