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Nadia Khar: The GTR Queen everyone’s talking about

The passionate car lover is always seen with incredible “toys” and has attained a massive name for the same.

There are so many individuals and professionals out there working across diverse sectors and industries of the world. However, among these, a handful of them go ahead in thrilling people with the kind of successes they attain in their careers and lives in ways more than one. These individuals are those who always make sure to give it their all and, in the process, keep learning new things to up their skills and become their best versions. The world of modelling is one that has seen the rise of too many such talented beings. Moreover, car modelling done by car enthusiasts has become a thing in the modelling space today, where so many passionate women are coming forward to make their name prominent in the industry. Nadia Khar is one among them, but still a rare gem, a car enthusiast, well known as the GTR Queen, everyone’s talking about.

Over the years, models work harder each day in order to bring more glory and recognition for them and the industry as a whole, but Nadia Khar made sure to take a step forward and choose the industry of automobile for kick-starting her career as a car model, for her passion for the latest “toys” in town. She is today best known for the GTR community, something no other woman has been able to earn a name for.

Nadia Khar is a Pakistani and Italian who was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, the US. For her love for cars, she is often seen at the big car shows around the world, including the prominent SEMA, which she attends every year. What has kept her more in the headlines is her Nissan GTR build, which has gone ahead in giving her the nickname GTR Queen, which she is known as across the field.

The GTR Queen doesn’t want to stop for anyone in her career now as a car model and enthusiast and has been rigorously working towards creating her huge car collection that would include the world’s top car models. 

Till then, follow her on Instagram @nadiaskhar.

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