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Meet talented music artist Hyp3rtek

What’s your Artist name and where are you from?

My Artist name is Hyp3rtek, my real name is Guillermo De Jesus Ayon. I am from the city of La Puente in LA County. “Hyper” for energy and “Tek” for “Techno” which was what we used to call all and any EDM (laughs). I Hardly make techno music but I do make different styles of EDM fused with reggaeton, hip hop, pop, and metal music elements.

Why do you love music?

Wow! (laughs) I just love the way it sounds and makes me feel, which is happy and loving. It makes me feel like dancing, jumping, singing, the occasional mosh pit. Even with hard and heavy music I feel happy. I love the more energetic fast paced music, but there are some slower tracks out there that I really love.

What makes you different as a music artist?

I would say I definitely stand out as an artist who produces different genres and blends them together and adds a ton of energy and emotion into the music. There are parts in my music that are soft and melodic but then break down or climax into something hard and energetic. Thus, the name Hyp3rtek.I record my own vocals, produce my own beats, and do my own mixing, mastering, and distribution. I do change styles kind of frequently, even when I am performing a DJ set, I never keep it to one genre, and my sets are full of surprises tons of energy and good vibes. Even for the future, If God permits, with the different styles of music I make I don’t plan on making aliases but just sticking to the name “Hyp3rtek”.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

The first thing I can think about is becoming successful and wealthy enough to get married to the woman of my dreams and buy a house for my mother and also my own. There’s one special woman out there who I really want to be with and spend the rest of my life with, I won’t say who just yet though. Definitely in these 5 upcoming years I will have some big shows, headlining major events, hitting high numbers in my streams, you know all that good stuff! OH, and traveling the world let’s not forget that! I Think Japan would be the first place I want to visit simply because of the fact that I really love anime and that’s where it comes from (laughs). I Also want to visit Israel, the Holy Land, my Lord Jesus was born there and I am a firm believer in him. I Praise and worship him. Mind this though, just because I believe in Jesus does not mean I’m perfect (laughs).

What do you want to accomplish in life?

Winning Grammys, peaking top numbers in Billboard and other music blogs, being DJ mags #1 DJ out of the top 100 at least for one year. They do a Top 100 thing every year. Getting married. Headlining major festivals and events.

What do you bring to the music world?

Good Vibes.

What do you want to be remembered by?

Absolute hard work, faith in God and determination. How I started from the bottom with zero followers and support but the growth came with steady work. I want to encourage anybody who is chasing the same dream to never give up! Keep climbing them little steps and you will eventually get to the top! It’s not easy, but it is also not impossible! You can absolutely do it! Don’t you ever give up your dreams.

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