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Meet Kuya (Oliver) Nino better known as ‘The Spiritual Activator’, an intuitive and clairvoyant energy healer.

Well acquainted with clearing energy blocks, he has emerged as the most sought after healers of present time.

Many are unaware of the fact that energy is an invisible force that is responsible for every move you make in your entire life, and all the positivities and negativities are associated with how much influence it has on you. It has the power to either overload your life with miseries, unhappiness and negatives or looking at the positive side has the capability to bring happiness, success and inner peace. It entirely depends on how great the control it has on individual lives. Furthermore, it affects you more than you can ever think of. Kuya (Oliver) Nino has been an experienced energy healer and says that any kind of energy, positive or negative is stored in our bodies which then turn into energetic patterns which are stuck inside the body and keep recurring at timely intervals, and people are not able to find out the root cause of their problems as the troubling force withing you is not visible with naked eye. People are not able to identify the root cause of their problems, leading to more complications and miseries. Unless you clear off the clutter which are deeply rooted energy blocks, you won’t be able to proceed with your life, which would remain stagnant.

So, what’s the way out to close these chapter of never ending cynical situations which add up your woes? “There’s definitely a way out,” says ‘The Spiritual Activator’, as every living being is born with their own spiritual gifts which they are unaware of. They are not aware of their own potential, which has the power to help them live a life full of abundance and happiness. The effective energy healer says that everyone has that hidden spiritual potential that can unlock the door which stops you from leading a fulfilling life, and he can help you achieve it through his guidance which has been proven to give positive results to many in the past. Those who have been under his guidance have experienced a drastic change in their lives and vouch for its authenticity. He’s been away from the public eye and has been attending to people from across the globe through referrals from the past ten years, and now wants to come out in the open and dedicate his life towards removing energy blocks from people’s lives and activate their spiritual gifts. “I want to help as many people as I can to help them attain a fulfilling life by reaching their full potential through my energy healing techniques,” concludes Nino.

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