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Meet Josh Pele Magic

How did you start your business?

I created a trick in Italy went around the streets performing to strangers and got really good reactions when i came back to the US I started doing more routines and getting bookings 

What are some mistakes you wish you could have avoided?

Not preparing myself early  on with tricks, website, and materials to run the business 

What advice would you give to starting entrepreneurs?

Go for it and keep grinding opportunities only come when you look for them 

How can I come up with a great name for my company?

Think of what makes you unique  and memorable and stick with it 

How do you come up with business ideas?

I think what effects would make sense for others in specific scenarios and I try to put those ideas into fruition 

How can I protect my idea so others don’t steal it?

Depends on the idea but if you make it unique and custom to yourself no one will be Able  to steal your style there’s only one you 

What are the biggest mistakes first-time entrepreneurs can make?

Giving up too early  or expecting results too soon you have to play the long  game 

What kind of entity should I set up if I’m only starting my business journey?

Whatever you need to start attracting your first bookings and clients 

What are you most excited about at work right now?

The people I get to meet on a continuous basis 

What are your tips for building a great team?

Find people that share your passion skills can be taught passion cannot 

How do you market your business?
My performances show others that I’m something they need at their events and it creates a huge word of mouth sequence 

What online marketing techniques do you use?

How should I decide where to set up my business?
Ask yourself where your clients are 

How did you push through your biggest business doubts?

I never stopped believing in myself 

How did you handle fast growth and scale your business?

I just found new ways to organize and delegated takes more effectively 

What are the most common mistakes that new business owners make?

Not executing their plans 

How do you plan for the future of your business?

I plan to build of team of magicians to handle overload 

How do you evaluate the past ups/downs of your business?

I always reflect on what can u do better 

What advice would you give to a new business owner?

Keep the faith and remember time wasn’t built in a day 

What’s non-negotiable when you start a business?

Mindset  of all involved 

How do you craft a great mission statement?

You remember the reason you started 

How did you raise funding for your business?
Kept looking for shows 

How has your business shifted over time?

More clients and bigger variety of venues 

What KPIs do you use to measure your business success?

What are you working on now?

How to make it onto bigger platforms and staged and do my thing

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