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Make way for Hamiczech, taking over the digital space with her compelling travel content creation

Hamiczech is a rising travel influencer and blogger who also successfully runs her blog Hamiczech Travel Tips.

There are several talented beings who, in multiple incredible ways, go ahead in becoming their best versions in all that they ever choose to lay their hands on. These talented beings are those who never leave a stone unturned in turning the heads of people across their chosen sectors to move closer to their visions and aspirations in life. To do that in the world of social media and the whole digital space has never been a cakewalk for anyone, but there are a few rare gems like Hamiczech who have done even that and stunned people worldwide with their work and craft.

Hamiczech stands tall and unique as a one-of-a-kind travel influencer and blogger who has a growing presence on social media. She hails from the Czech Republic (Central Europe). Her name is an abbreviation of her real name and her country. However, what is even more interesting to know about her is that she is already an entrepreneur and successfully runs her online business. Since the very beginning, she dreamt of making it huge in her career, and so initially, she invented lottery tickets in elementary school and even got caught by her teachers. However, entrepreneurship was her calling, and she realized then and, at 20 years, stepped foot into the same.

Her economic education first led her to work as a consultant in other companies. She then studied geoscience and mountain tourism at VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava (Czech Republic) at the Faculty of Mining and Geology and finished her studies in geology. She still has remained faithful to mining traditions. Since then, Hamiczech has grown as a professional and how. The first social media platform she stepped into was Facebook. However, she opened an account on Instagram after noticing tremendous growth in the medium.

She decided to optimize her hobby of travelling and create travel content for Instagram. Gradually her page grew, and today, people look up to her for exciting travel content. Through collaborations, she started making more out of Instagram. In 2021, she also started her blog, Hamiczech Travel Tips (, where she posts about the best travel tips, hotel tips, restaurant tips and more while also providing people with detailed guides and reviews. In 2022, she added another category Hamiczech Tests, writing more on things she had the opportunity to try.

Hamiczech (@hamiczech) has come a long way in the entrepreneurial and social media world and still thinks she has a long way to go.  

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