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Leading Fashion Designer Anjali Phougat talks about the following her passion and Designer Dream Collection new bridal trousseau collection 

Leading Fashion Designer Anjali Phougat talks about the following her passion and Designer Dream Collection new bridal trousseau collection

Anjali phougat is a  Central Ohio-based world record holder and fashion designer, wardrobe & celebrity stylist, entrepreneur and founder of Designer Dream Collection, a luxury brand in the fashion industry. She is specialized in wedding styling & customization of jewelry and outfits and gained national attention through her work with celebrities and contributions in the fashion world, beauty pageants, New York Fashion Week and Cannes film festival by showcasing her mesmerizing jewelry and red carpet collection. Several celebrities wear her designs and Miss universe Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu loves Anjali’s dresses and jewelry and spotted wearing her designs several times during her world tour and People magazine. 

Anjali phougat speaks more about challenges in her journey from small town girl to successful entrepreneur, designer dream collections new bridal collection and latest bridal trends. 

You can tell us a short story of your growing up days if you feel comfortable like- You went through a low phase of your life related to your carrier or anything else you feel. 

There were many times growing up back in my home town in India I had low phase related to my career. I am left handed and was heavily criticized for writing and eating with my left hand and it was looked as a stigma and I was made feel like handicapped Specially being third girl child in the house the acceptance was difficult. I felt helpless after one year of trying and skipped one full school year to practice writing with my write hand because those bullied took severe tole on my mental health but when my practice didn’t work out I used my voice to fight back and came back with full force and dealt with situation with courage and today there is no looking back and everyone is in my family and friends are extremely proud of my accomplishments. 

You can share a story about taking a stand for yourself while following your journey. 

At the age of 16, when I won the State level beauty pageant it was my dream to start my own business and be financially independent. I was in school when I began working on my ideas. I had several sketches,  pages of plans, and deep passion.  As soon as I graduated, I started designing which didn’t work out but taught me a lot. In 2019, I started my fashion line Designer Dream Collection. I committed to it; I’ve worked day and night, had several rejections, failures, lack of funds and many more roadblocks. But I didn’t stop working with diligence until my dream became a reality. 

I am still  introvert and quite person but that doesn’t make me any less then anybody else because I believe in me and proud of my ideas and accomplishments.

Never stop pushing yourself because if you don’t push yourself you won’t be able to achieve what you are capable of accomplishing. 

Any incident happened where you took a stand for yourself or your family- Vice Versa!

I faced several rejection be it girl child, left handed or quite person. People questioned my ability to excel in work because I don’t speak  much or just to show off my presence unnecessarily unless I have great ideas to bring on table. I like quality work and not quality and I think differently which is not easy to everyone to understand and I allow them to wear their judging hats and I always believed action speaks louder then words. 

I always reminded focused and proved myself with my dedication, hard work, leadership skills and kindness and build a brand and name for myself. Recently I received Times 40 under 40 achievers award for rising woman entrepreneur in fashion industry and that’s my way of proving my worth to all the people questioning my ability to excel. I am good team player and can do wonder given the right opportunity and platform and above all I know my worth and never willing to settle for anything else then I deserve. 

A Tough reality of content creation, anyone told you anything which made you feel glow but you took their comment as fuel and tried your best to push up yourself to the best? Any Situation you want to share like that? 

I really don’t read or care about social media comments unless those are from people from same field. Social media has given too much power to everyone and there are good and bad effects of same. Content creation need a lot of passion and patience and we should be clear not everyone is going to like what you create because we all are different individuals with different liking and disliking. We should not take comments from strangers seriously and keep moving in the right direction with persistence and focus. 

As a Fashion designer What do you suggest for brides who want to be stylish and comfortable  

Comfort is the key to a functional wardrobe. Fashion should be true representation of one’s personality. Time is changing and brides are very well informed and clear about their vision and priority in terms of looks vs comfort. some statement jewellery and comfy footwear are a must for a stylish bride.

Can you tell us more about your fashion line Designer Dream Collection and your upcoming collection  

My bridal line designer Dream collection creates a variety of silhouettes comprising of light-weight lucknowi lehengas, anarkalis, heavy bridal lehenga and indo-western saris and beautiful gowns and we create  jewelry and men’s clothing as well. 

Do you custom create bridal outfits and jewelry? If yes how can brides and grooms find you and place order?

Yes, we do custom create full wedding orders not just Bridal wear, we have wonderful team and we are specialized in men’s, kinds and bridesmaids dresses as well. We have facebook and instagram pages and shop is linked to our page

But you can place custom orders on our website | 

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