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Kristen Poe : Empowering Health and Wellness Through Functional Medicine and Personalized Care.

Kristen Poe is making an impact in the healthcare industry by providing personalized, patient-centered care through functional medicine and holistic health practices. As the Owner and CEO of POE Holistic Health, Kristen is dedicated to helping her patients achieve optimal health and wellness by addressing the underlying causes of chronic diseases and barriers to wellness.

Kristen’s journey towards functional medicine began in the pharmaceutical industry, where she gained valuable knowledge and experience in marketing and business. However, she knew that her true passion lay in health and wellness, and she took a leap of faith to pursue her dreams. Through her own personal journey towards health and wellness, Kristen discovered the power of functional medicine and holistic health practices, and she knew that she wanted to share this knowledge and experience with others.

After almost ten years of education and training in functional medicine, nutrition, and naprapathy, Kristen opened POE Holistic Health in 2019. Her practice offers personalized Holistic Health Plans, holistic nutrition, optimal health and lifestyle management, natural chronic pain support through Naprapathy and Graston Technique, supporting chronic conditions and illnesses, strengthening the immune system, gut health support, nutritional deficiency and environment intolerance lab testing, health optimization support, and other non-invasive personalized holistic approaches for health and wellness.

What sets Kristen apart from other healthcare providers is her commitment to personalized care and her dedication to listening to and collaborating with her patients. She takes the time to truly understand her patients’ unique needs and goals, and she works with them to develop a personalized strategy that they are comfortable with. Kristen also believes in the importance of kindness, respect, and honesty in all aspects of her practice, and she strives to live up to these values every day.

As the face of POE Holistic Health, Kristen prioritizes her own health and wellness journey and leads by example. She believes that in order to truly empower others to achieve optimal health and wellness, she must first take care of herself. Kristen also partners with other practitioners in the health and wellness industry, recognizing that there is enough business to go around and that collaboration can lead to the best possible care for her patients.

Kristen’s dedication to functional medicine and holistic health practices is making a significant impact on the healthcare industry. By prioritizing healing and prevention over symptom repression and by taking a systems-based approach to addressing the underlying causes of chronic diseases, Kristen is helping her patients achieve long-lasting health and wellness. Through personalized care, kindness, respect, and honesty, Kristen is empowering her patients to take control of their health and live their best lives.

In a world where healthcare can often feel impersonal and disconnected, Kristen’s approach is a breath of fresh air. She truly listens to her patients, collaborates with them to develop personalized strategies, and prioritizes their long-term health and wellness. Her dedication to functional medicine and holistic health practices is making a significant impact on the healthcare industry, and she is truly making a difference in the lives of her patients.

In conclusion, Kristen Poe is an inspiring figure in the healthcare industry, empowering others to achieve optimal health and wellness through personalized care, functional medicine, and holistic health practices. Her commitment to kindness, respect, and honesty is evident in all aspects of her practice, and she is making a significant impact on the healthcare industry through her dedication and passion for empowering others.

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