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Keeping IceLink Legacy Alive: Suzy Sogoyan Shares How Being Introduced Early to the Family Business Prepared Her for Success

At least half of all enterprises in the United States are family-owned, per a study conducted by Harvard Business School. But what happens when the original leaders retire and pass the torch to the next generation? This is often one of the most challenging tasks for family-run businesses because of the complexity of the processes involved and the difficulties it creates. When Andy Sogoyan handed down the family jewelry business, IceLink, to his daughter, Suzy Sogoyan, it was a breeze for her to handle. 

Suzy Sogoyan is the CEO of IceLink Watches and Jewelry and an influencer. Her father, Andy Sogoyan, started working at his favorite uncle’s jewelry store in Hollywood when he was a teenager. This would light a fire under his creative soul and set him on the way to a lifelong career in the field he would come to adore. Her father had already made a name for himself in the manufacturing and retail industries when he founded IceLink in 2003. His fame among Hollywood A-listers and the elite was evidenced by the demand for his superbly crafted fine jewelry and distinctive timepieces.

“Like my father before me, I was given responsibility at the company when I was only 16 years old. I, too, quickly realized that the business world and high-end accessories were where my heart belonged. The company he founded 30 years ago is still going strong thanks to our combined efforts,” Suzy said.

Suzy has taken over the company, and in that time, she has learned a few key things that have shaped the company into what it is today. Her intention with the rebranding has always been to inspire and empower others. The advent of social media has resulted in an oversaturation of all markets. So, one common inquiry is, “How can I attract more attention to myself?” 

Suzy has been able to tell many people about her family and work life through her personal Instagram account. This is how she connects to people. Many people could relate to what she was going through with respect to her son’s leukemia survival story. She said, “Every day, people reach out to me and send well wishes and prayers. They also relate to me and tell their own story of their health battles.” This profound experience motivated Suzy to give back to the community by founding Christian’s Toy Drive. In this annual event, toys and funds are collected for children in Armenia who are battling cancer.

Being a father-daughter business, Suzy absorbed her father’s drive and enthusiasm for the company from an early age. The goal of the rebranding was to position IceLink as a refreshing alternative to its competitors. The IceLink logo represents breaking through barriers and reaching new heights. It’s possible to change gears and open up to new people.

“Success hinges on solid and continuous branding efforts. I’m sure businesses know why they started. But have they made an effort to put their dreams, goals, and strategies down on paper? In order to succeed, you need a brand book,” Suzy stressed. She recommends the following steps for aspiring entrepreneurs: Define your brand, know your target audience, create a brand story, develop your company’s tone of voice, and design yourr logo.

For a long time, Suzy witnessed her father’s boundless vitality, unwavering will, and profound inventiveness. With Icelink, he was confident he would be remembered. He never let up. Suzy was often undervalued when she went into a field that men had always dominated. She had to overcome many ordeals to prove her worth. She said, “Without my father’s constant encouragement, I never would have realized my potential. To put it plainly, we don’t mind standing out. So always aim for a state of perpetual innovation.”

Suzy started IceLink because she has a deep interest in jewelry and timepieces. Still, she wants to use her talents to forge meaningful human connections. Suzy is dissatisfied with how things are run in the industry. She complained that many high-end companies ignore the importance of the personal connection she feels should come with a premium purchase. What sets her apart is her dedication to making emotional connections between her clients and the items they buy from her. 

To connect and catch up with Suzy Sogoyan, follow her on Instagram at @suzysogoyan.

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