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Jorge Duva
Jorge Duva

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Jorge Duva: True Colors

Life and art often go hand in hand as they evolve alongside each other. For renowned celebrity and fashion editorial photographer Jorge Duva, the two meet at the intersection of color. Jorge often draws inspiration from his Colombian heritage, which he sees as a culture full of warmth, friendliness, and radiant color. This outlook on life often translates seamlessly into his photography as he places a high importance on creating a peaceful and respectful environment on every shoot. In addition, he takes pride in his ability to capture vibrant moments of color and often refrains from shooting black and white images.

After 14 years of experience as a photographer, Jorge has not only found his niche, but he has also pushed the creative boundaries of it in order to create innovation. However, while he clearly understands the value of creating unique looks and developing new concepts, he places an equal importance on staying true to his roots and his values.

Jorge Duva has always appreciated the opportunity of using photography to tell a story. Now, it is our turn to help him share his own. Join us as we get up close and personal with Jorge and learn more about his recent encounters with COVID, his advice to his audience, and his higher purposes.

1. If you were a book what would the title be and why?

My Life After COVID. Because my life changed after my experience with COVID. I almost died at the hospital, but God gave me a second chance, telling me “it is not your time yet.” I recovered incredibly, and I started having so many clients. I’m now working in a way I never imagined I would.

2. Best advice to give to your audience/fans?

Always believe in yourself, and never compare yourself with anyone else. There are always opportunities for you– if you work hard, you will be rewarded. Always be good with the people you work with. Treat them always with respect.

3. How do you stay on top of your game?

It is important to respect and have passion for what you love to do. At the same time, you must also be consistent and innovative.

4. What is your higher purpose?

This is a very difficult career because it is difficult to make a name for yourself. I hope that someday my work can inspire people to love photography. I hope to spread this art to the rest of the world.

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