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Kelly Cardenas is a modern day renaissance man whether it be delivering Keynotes to Fortune 500 companies, hosting his top rated podcast, being a father or going on date night with his beautiful wife, Kelly’s focus is always the same, to simply make people happy! While building his foundation in the professional beauty industry he discovered early on that his love for people was going to be the building block for all of his future endeavors. This has propelled Cardenas into the inspirational keynote speaking world and into becoming the host of one of the top rated podcasts in in the world!(link here) Kelly believes that there are no limits when you are working in line with your purpose and he has zeroed in on his, to SPEAK LIFE everywhere he goes!

Kelly Cardenas is one such individual who aims to connect with people. He has a unique approach that he refers to as “forcing people to be his friends for the rest of their lives!”. Cardenas is a storyteller at heart and that has catapulted his podcast (link here) to become one of the most sought after interviews in the world today.. According to Kelly, there is nothing more rewarding than helping others to realize how amazing they are at being themselves. This is a gift that was given to him by his parents, and he wants to share it with the world!

Struggles are opportunities to grow

Kelly believes that the challenges of life are all building blocks towards the path of success. He has seen numerous struggles like constantly moving from one place to another, at one point living in 1 room apartment with 5 people, shopping for clothes from 2nd hand stores before they became a trend. Kelly believes that he was forged through these circumstances and feels blessed as they have prepared him for the path that laid ahead!

Kelly’s Mom, always told him that he should get excited when he was faced with a challenge because it allowed the opportunity to figure out a creative solution. He gives credit to his high school math teacher Mrs. Hicks for believing in him and holding him accountable when he wasn’t living up to his potential and his basketball coach Mr.Duffy for teaching him kindness and sacrifice! Kelly has been very fortunate in his life to have a wife that believes in him, at times more than he does in himself, she has given him wings to go after exactly what he was purposed for and he wants to make sure and pay that forward. Any success that he has accomplished he credits to his parents, Brother, friends, wife and children for believing in him and encouraging to walk his own unique path. He shares these impactful words from his father, “After losing my Mom 3 years ago, my Pops said something to me as we were getting off the phone, he said, “You’re the greatest” he then paused and followed his statement with “So act accordingly!!!!” This really changed the game for me and helped me to realize that I have a responsibility to my unique gifts which make up my purpose and that is to SPEAK LIFE into every scenario and person that I encounter!”

Three Principles To Live By

The three principles that have helped Kelly to walk amongst giants are simple and will create exponential, sustainable growth in any industry are; 1-BE KIND, 2-MAKE FRIENDS ,and 3-WORK HARD.

Kindness at its core is to be of contribution, and when you help others to achieve their dreams you will always walk in yours!

Making friends exposes you to perspectives that you would never experience otherwise. Kelly’s friends Will, Dave, Dale, Andy, Alfred, Nate ,his big brother (hero) Rob have protected, inspired and and given him permission to simply be himself. Cardenas credits them for one of the most valuable lessons in his life and career, “1 is too small of a number to succeed!!!”

Working hard produces the “nce”.  Persistence, diligence, perseverance and resilience are all ingredients that you will need for success in any endeavor!

These three virtues combine to create the holy trinity of a happy and successful life. Following them, Kelly is now a a keynote speaker, Forbes contributor, Top-rated podcast host of one of the most sought after interviews in the game today, author, Top 10 entrepreneurs 2021, Top 10 motivational speakers 2021, Creator of a National Multi-million dollar brand, Father, Husband and A Man that is full of joy and ready to make lemonade out of any of the lemons that life throws his way. To know more about his podcast, book him to speak, or just stay in touch with his inspirational life visit his website here.

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